Types of Seizures (Epilepsy #2)

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  1. Bcoz of this epilepsy I can't able to find work alone. At starting stages my roommate thought that I was possessed by evil. Sad part of my life. After seizure ill forget wat happened for few days. Now a days can't able to remember anything.. tablets become routine for me.????????????????

  2. My niece has started having "seizures" but don't know exactly if it is that or if she's taking. They did a EEG last year but in the last 2 months she's had 4 episodes and last night she had a one hour episode where she would seize, stop and seize again

  3. Swallowing your tongue during a seizure is a complete and total myth. As well as putting something in the seizure patient’s mouth- a myth. If either of these things concern you during your witnessing of a seizure then do not worry. As long as you just make sure they are in a safe position during the seizure and watch videos and do research on how to take action during/after an episode and how to see pre seizure signs you will be fine. It’s scary, yes, but as a witness and aid to many of my mothers seizures, try to keep calm and never leave the persons side during or for the first hour after a seizure. ❤️♥️

  4. My daughter has seizures since shes was 1 she had epilepsy and then 3 years ago she had a orange sized brain tumor and beforehand she had a brain tumor she stopped having much seizures but now she has seizures almost everyday and is going brain dead and is having operations almost everyday

  5. People are stupid and like to play with people's health although u dont know the person a seizure should be taken very seriously because can be very dangerous if no attended so not good to be playing around


    I have to share this story to help someone out there. To those going through seizures, I believe you can find a cure like I did. Please read my story and trust that your situation has a hope of cure.

    My first Grand Mal seizure happened while I was driving, I totaled my beloved barbie car and I was almost killed. It caused me a lot of problems in my life. I was planning to get married but my fiancee broke off our engagement because he could not deal with the seizures. Epilepsy limited my life in all sorts of ways. I kept having these unstoppable seizures. I visited different neurologists in search for a cure. They prescribed and increased doses of different English medicines, which caused me much health challenge. In spite of these drugs, nothing was actually helping me gain back my health. I sustained both short and long term memory loss as well as some brain damage while using these prescribed medications. I had injuries which resulted from falls when my seizures began. I was devastated and scared. I felt like giving up on life. Every dream I had was placed on hold.

    I was on Diazepam and Keppra XR and other AED's that I ended up having toxic levels and I was temporarily paralyzed. I couldn't speak or move a muscle! That was pretty scary. My Epilepsy shattered the whole of my dream. Sometimes, I will have two seizures in a day. I was probably having close to 30 grand mal seizures per month if not more than. I've had seizures and fallen several times getting out of the shower, in the Kitchen, even while reading. This engendered my move in search of cure to my predicament and that I was willing to pursue any treatment that offered hope. It was a terrible experience. I was in chains for years, seizure made me became a shadow of myself. After several use of English medications, I made a choice. To pull myself off and at least find a natural way to heal from it. I spoke to my Neurologists about my plans, they advised otherwise. But I was Determined to take a step. There had to be a way to heal from it.

    I finally began my search for treatment with herbs, but lucky for me, I found a cure. After several years of using English medications without solution, I met Dr. Reyansh Mohul on my search in the Internet. His Herbal remedy brought a complete cure for me. Initially, I was in doubt, the feeling of being afraid of lights after several hours in darkness. But I gave it a try and I got my cure. Joyfully, I never had any complications I experienced while on English medications. Well, for those who are facing what I went through, there is hope, you may write Dr. Mohul to learn more what his effective Herbal solution that got me permanently cured. Contact him via dr.reyanshmohul@gmail.com.

  7. SEIZURE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SCARY!!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  8. I actually had a seizure in school one time due to medicine i was on for a genetic condition i have called marzipans
    the seize was painful are throbing headache like no other I lost my vision and became dizzy

  9. I have had auras maybe from I was 12 or before that. Always told my mom I was having those weird feelings sometimes today. It would come 5-10 times in one day when I had it. I would feel like curling up while my brain did that scary ass forced thinking and I lose the ability to talk. My mom didn't know what to do. In 2012 I had my first seizure and less than a year second (I remember having an aura right before). Now I get medicine for epilepsy and I don't get those auras anymore. I'm so grateful not to have them and seizures hopefully anymore

  10. I have simple partial seizures and complex seizures which are controlled by anti seizure medication. I don't get the aura that a lot of people talk about which is bad because I can't prepare myself.

  11. i think i may have seizures sometimes, i have alot of off moments…its really hard to explain. ive had a head injury with sometthing falling on my fce and the memory was somwa altered, my mom says it happened differently than how i remembered. i have sudden fear and anxeity and stomach problem, i have a difficultly with digesting things as well as stomach pains. i daydream alot and just my mind goes off, sometimes i slur and cant form words in my mouth. i get numb alot, i also sufffer from Sleep paralysis. and i have a hard time remembering things…i may need to go to the doctor, but i stopped goign because of my last visit to them. I was a teen in middle school and was bullied and depressed from a trauma, i told the doc i was feeling sucidical. when we left, my family (in the car) called me stupid and laughted at me…and i felt stupid for even telling the doc that…so going to the doctor is kind of a no-go thing…but i think i need to with these episodes, its messing up with my life harshly…

  12. So is it normal to have auras before generalized seizures, because the video seems to be focusing on partials? I always have auras before tonic clonics…

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