What does Cannabis/weed/marijuana do to diabetes? What are the health benefits that a diabetic can get from it? What will …


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  2. It goes to the fatter part of the body which is the brain ???? if you smoke pot your a fat -head and it can stay there a very long time, and even if you haven't smoked it, it can haunt you for years while it breaks down in the brain

  3. "Hey man, it says here weed effects your short term memory. And it affects your short term memory. And it effects your short term memory".
    "Errrrrrr….you say something man?"
    "And it sends you deaf too!"

  4. As a type 2 diabetic, I only drink low carb light beer and/or tequila on the rocks with water. Blood sugar always stays level. Tequila has many health benefits for diabetes, drinking in moderation.

  5. I have to correct you. You can test positive up to 9 months later if you’re a complete pot head who has smoked every day for over a decade. I know because it happened to me. That kind of use also gave me lazy brain. I had to teach it how to think and remember things. It took over 2 years before I could start remembering what I just read or thought about. It will help at the time, but don’t be like me and smoke 24/7 because if you want to get somewhere in life, you ain’t doing it when you’re constantly high.

  6. Unfortunately for me anyway any benefit to glucose level would be totally destroyed by the munchies that would follow. It might even be the reason that I am diabetic to begin with!

  7. the brain has special neuroreceptors just for cannabis. If these have been there for millennium, what does that say about use by our ancestors.

  8. As a type 2 diabetic who recently got a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) I can honestly say that thr best effects of vaping cannibus is lowering my blood glucose right after a meal. I had to see it to believe it!

  9. I'm not sure that this doctor understands thcv and how it affects blood glucose levels, how it also is an appetite suppressant where is used in clinical trials to help people lose weight. I think he needs to really listen to some of these other doctors that are out doing research on all the different cannabinoids and diseases such as dementia, autism, cancer, PTSD… just saying there is more information than what is given in this video

  10. As long as you don't get the munchies and eat a bunch of simple sugars it certainly better than taking alcohol for a diabetic well for anyone for that matter certainly helps my glaucoma medicines be more effective

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