The Power Of God And Anime ENDS Cycles Of Abuse

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  1. I saw a news article saying "Assassination Classroom" should not being for children. Of which, at first glance and especially the title, I can understand why, especially certain seduction scenes ???? . But if the news author actually properly watched through season 2 (maybe even up to season 1 episode 6), the anime actually talks about sensitive at-home topics and how to healthily deal with them.
    like parent abuse, loneliness, how to healthily start a romantic relationship, mourning, etc.
    out of all anime out there, there are definitely some that should not be seen by children. But Assassination Classroom should not be first on that list.

  2. I think anyone being approached in a mob mentality would get defensive & fear what could happen. I give props to officers that keep their cool during these moments.

  3. About bringing children with – in Mediterranean countries (all sides – Greeks, Spaniards, Arabs) family usually hangs out around the city after sundown. They might leave kids with friends/cousins/etc some times, may go back home to put them to beds if they stay for longer, but usually everyone goes out together. This includes very young children, while teenagers will hang out with each other more than with family. Having kids stuck in suburbia for most of the time when they're out of school, in a place where nothing happens, it is borderline cruelty. Good parents will work around it (and get knackered at it), but with bad parents you really only have screens for hours and hours where they're out of school.

    This is going to be hard to fix anywhere urban planning reshaped traditional towns and cities into car kingdom. If it really is dangerous (and/or far away due to suburban sprawl) for a 9 year old kid to walk to a friends house parents intentions won't be enough. Same for places where "community" actually became an uncivilized wilderness with high crime rates. But the direction of change definitely should be end of this social segregation and return to healthier habits.

  4. 9:20 ok my comments might have been off regarding trump that's really not smart tim, so they're there with adults who don't care about them. are you listening to the words you're saying, you're going to trust work colleagues who don't like you, with your kids? because everyone in a normal is just a happy family and there isn't people trying to mess with you or your kids. ???????????????????????????? that's isn't how office life is.

  5. 2:01 coming from one of the most angriest parts of the internet talking about how the US is going to fall and that we need to start farming like Tim? when i think we could have a society where everyone helps each other out and we have a growing economy because of it? no that would require putting in effort to be responsible and not say the world is coming to an end when it's just a repeat of the last century. wasn't it Tim saying to go out and vote for trump when that meant that everyone who did go out was going to vote for trump so the mail in was always going to be democrat.. it would have been wise to tell everyone to go out and vote, then the democrats would have left their homes too and we would have democrats caught in the firing line as well as trump supporters. you were sailing your own supporters down the river for the US to fall needlessly.

  6. I grew up in a very fundamental Christian home where anime was at the same level as watching p@rn. Of course Yugioh didn't help with the summoning and sacrificing nor Fullmetal Alchemist, but they have valuable lessons… Weirdly enough I could only watch Super Book, the Japanese production not the new CGI.

  7. I totally agree with the idea of bringing your kids to work if it is a job where it is safe to do so. I remember when I was about 8-9 I would go into work with my mom from time to time. I would do basic stuff like shredding old documents and the like and I thought it was really neat, plus it was something that was helpful and gave her less to do. It was a win-win and I feel like there were certain things I learned just by watching what else was going on around me that actually did help when I reached an employable age.

  8. Cell does not. The other part of buu " kid buu " does not, freeza made a deal to reincarnate to come back and destroy goku and friends. A decent amount of them don't.

    Read one piece. Jesus if it doesn't reflect everything going on now.

  9. My first anime that got me to love animes was "Fist of the North Star"

    It was basically a Jesus crossed with Bruce Lee and Mad Max

    The creator of Berserk was influenced by Nietzsche

  10. I'm having a blast rewatching my favorite anime with my kids, and screening for new ones to share. It's good fun.

    Anime is not for everyone, but if you can stomach it, there is a lot of great anime for family viewing out there.

  11. You’re acting like Anime and drag are the only options out there hahaha

    You wanna see a hero? Watch the chosen! THATS the PERFECT “man” to line up with!

  12. My dad, who is a martial artist and could read over ten languages, used to read the Lord of the Rings books and watch Star Wars with us all the time, without that I would have been a weaker, dumber person.

    Still a pretty dumb person, but it would have been infinitely worse.

  13. This title is 100% true. Anime has helped me, DBZ in particular. God has helped me. God of course is far more important, but the importance of media like Dragon Ball is undeniable

  14. I am a conservative gamer who has bin watching Anime for over 40 years. I can not understand where the hate for this art comes from. I have tried for years to tell my friends to look at it with open eyes. there loss…

  15. Parents should always have the choice to curate what their kids have access to. I look at anime and manga the same way as any other content. It may or may not be reasonable for someone's child to view. This idea that parents either need to grant access anime that does not match their parenting preferences or their kids are going to run off and gain access to something worse is wild.

    I get kids like to explore and learn on their own but I think parents can raise healthy children with limited access to modern media and probably should.

  16. Goku unironically is one of the greatest positive influences of the 21st century. Modern Jesus.

    "I am the hope of the universe. I am the answer to all living things that cry out for peace. I am protector of the innocent. I am the light in the darkness. I am truth. Ally to good!"

  17. If anyone is looking for some good anime for a kid, Bofuri and Kuma Kuma are great! My 4 year old watches and loves them, along with the rest of the family.

  18. I am a conservative Christian graphic novelist. I had parents who in the same year, tossed out my Kingdom Hearts manga I bought from the book fair, and made Friday nights a family watch party for every new episode of Avatar the Last Airbender.

    Neither of which were unhealthy, but instead were proof that I could grow up to create well-liked stories. They were just unique for the time, and what I latched onto.

    IT IS the job of parents to let their kids wildly explore, but then be that hard filter to prevent unhealthy passion.

  19. I pretty much have to hide my anime addiction. But.. I"m 60, so I'm not supposed to like "childrens cartoons". To which comments I reply by showing them School Days.

  20. Some of this drag shows and story hours are being used by actual and in some cases convicted sex offenders and child molestors because no one checked their backgrounds or questions them foe fear on being called transphobic.

  21. No, don't give them Batman or Superman, starts them soft with Digimon and Beyblade, then work your way up to Dragonball, Naruto they can discover. And when they are teenagers then go for AoT and Death Note.

  22. Early weekend morning brainwashing: Superman, The Lone Ranger, Sargent Preston and his dog King, The Bowery Boys, Zorro.
    Unfortunately you have to purchase or download them now.

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