Testing your Cannabis Plants for Viruses!

In today’s episode of the Homegrown Potcast, Kronic has another chat with Taylor Robinson of Rimrock Analytical. This time they …


  1. Thank you for the information this is very helpful is the new thing I’m trying to learn about the virus which is new to me but it will be good to know about it in the knowledgeable for when I have to deal with this problem thanks guys

  2. what are white/beige round circles on the leaf (only 1-2 leaves at this point) and same type colouring on leaf tips but not same pattern and kinda hard to see at a first glance? plants is 1 month old in 2 days since tap root exposure

  3. I'd like it if you guys did a video on mutations The study from a scientific point of view I'm just some home grower playing with mutants. I have created stuff the world has never seen. I'd be interested in what's going on on the lab scene.

  4. I like how this guy didn't focus on one type of virus but he focused on viral infection as a whole. Everything he spoke I have experience when it comes to dealing with sick plants. Minus all the scientific equipment. Tiny clones can stop virus infections also It doesn't need to just be plant tissue culture I've saved them with tiny clones. It could take a long time for them to recover. You can tell when it's fully recovered because it will go back to normal tasting.

  5. Breeding for certain terpenes and terpenoids will increase resistance to viruses as well. Some terpenes and terpenoids are antivirals.

    Also, companion planting medicinal mushrooms (mushrooms have higher antiviral terpenoids than cannabis) with your cannabis can increase those terpenoids in cannabis via hormone and rhizosphere interactions.

    This is why I want to get hplc equipment so bad so I can test for those terpenes and preserve it.

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