1. Hummm… An eye for an eye, correct? Beware, with so many pedophiles protected by a long suite of popes that could turn into an orgy!!

  2. Good word. I've recently encountered God alone in my room. And I'm really struggling with kicking this habit. I haven't had nicotine for 4 days. Sadly I've reduced my pot smoke to only once before bed . I want desperately to do badly. Maybe I could someday kick the pot smoke to the curb too

  3. Easy: From an ex religious Christian, I do still believe in God….just whatever doesn't matter:

    To me, why is God so concerned about a lil plant we as MAN decided was bad? Unless your intent is to sell it, smoke it just all day every day…. etc…..Doesn't mess with your health, and you're not….causing harm to yourself in others….then why does it matter to Him? We don't have a clue what He really thinks of it, so why stress about it? In fact, just my random thoughts, not really connect to the previous…..what… if you are stressing about it, that much, then God probably would encourage to you too take a puff? okay now im a philosphical rabbit hole before i go any deeper lol.

  4. I feel like god is okay with everything since he forgives everything. This life is for the ultimate experience before our ultimate purpose-whatever that may be.

  5. The way I look at it is “sorcery” used in the Bible refers to actual “magic” (or whatever you’d call it) like when the staff was thrown on the ground and turned into a snake. The Bible also says in Proverbs 31:6-7 “Give strong drink unto him that is ready to perish, And wine unto those that be of heavy hearts. Let him drink, and forget his poverty, And remember his misery no more.” I don’t see why Proverbs would promote alcohol use near death and during tough times but another part would say you would go to Hell over it. That’s why I think “sorcery” is not referring to recreational drug use. I would like to hear your thoughts on my perspective.

  6. Cbd can absolutely get you high. We just advertise low doses usually. I gaurentee if you take 200mg of CBD you wouldn’t be saying it doesn’t get you high

  7. This video was strangely on my front page. It’s something I’ve been seeking for a while. Thank you man for laying this out for those of us who are in this sin and in need to get out.

  8. This is such an important topic. The Lord broke my addiction to weed and alcohol.
    We have to really examine ourselves and our motives. Almost everyone makes excuses for why they need weed or how they are not addicted.
    Don't ask how close you can get to the line…RUN FROM THE LINE.
    God does business with those who mean business. Put sin to death.

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