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  1. People, can we all grow up here??? Tonga G. Was a mod on Dolly's channel and when he pulled all the wrenches she became unhinged…. It is unhealthy for her to keep posting video's day after day about Dolly. She wants to get back on his channel, she wants to be liked by him and that is what the tears are all about. Please don't encourage her to keep this up!! Enough time has passed where she should be moving on with her life. This obsession about soap is not normal..If his member's want to pay that much for his merch that is their business. I have ordered soap from him and I have no fear that he has my address. My computer is password protected and I'm sure his is too!! If Tonga wants to walk the youtube streets she better toughen up. The woman needs help!!! She's got plenty of soap now!!

  2. Ok Ellie u sound silly – they sell wholesale and even sell labels that you can customize to put your name on the soap. I agree that he’s not making these cold, pressed soaps that take 30 to 60 days time sitting in molds. I do not believe that is true. I believe he makes a lot of his soap which are the melt and pour type but he should have just said when asked that he purchases that one from a great company !

  3. Queen, I totally understand how you feel after everything he has said about you that was untrue. Actually think it's a relief that he isn't making them. I don't picture a sterile work environment. He caused this for himself. He didn't have to mention anything about making it! Just market it and sell it! Not price gouge either obviously. It's safer that he's not making it imo.
    Not sure who the troll was that laughed at his own jokes.???? ( Sorry- not sorry)
    Perfect time to recoup & catch up cause I have covid that I assumed was just a bad cold- crazy! Anyways, much luv. Good on you for calling him out. Imagine if the roles were reversed?!

  4. That made me mad hearing that woman cry. I see all your points now in regards to that person. Such a shame! The only one that could redeem themselves and he just gets worse!!!

  5. P. S. Have Dolly put a little prize inside of the bars that the turtles will like. They can display their surprise after the bar is done. It shouldn’t be hard if he’s making the molds? Lol Plus imo that’s expensive! Yeah you all know I’m thrifty. ???? I still think buttered popcorn and hot dog on a stick scents seem like they’d be huge sellers. Ha. J/K ????❤

  6. PJ is not the nice person you guys think. She has gone after others because their opinion didn't match hers and her weirdo friends. She eventually apologized for the bs after a year but that doesn't change her actions that took place. I've been around for a long long time. I've seen it all with these drama commentary folks.

    I think it's best to not give people the benefit of the doubt. People need to prove themselves first. That's why we love you Queen Bee. You've been upfront and keeping it real since day 1.

  7. I love the quilt you got! It takes so long and takes skills with a good eye. Enjoy it! So special. You won’t see any two alike. Love it! I hope all the moms out there had a great Mother’s Day as well. ????????❤️????????

  8. If Matthew sees this, nothing is funny about smackin women. As someone who has experienced that, sir respectfully you can fvck off. I’m not a sensitive person and have a great sense of humor. Damn I wish I would’ve been here so this live. I would’ve loved to have hopped up for this ass. I hope he doesn’t and never has a daughter if he thinks that’s funny.

  9. I’m not all the way thru – so idk if you said this but thr ingredient list on Dolly’s website is identical to Adams Homemade Soaps

  10. I think there will be more bees in your hive @ Queen after last night… ???? bunch of the turtles faced reality and now will be shedding their shells and start growing wings????

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