1. Dont listen to this woman! Melatonin is shrinkining your balls! For the men auditory! Be a man face your hard times and get stronger. No sleeping pills, no melatonin. Less screens before sleep, less eating. Last coffe 10 hours before sleep.

  2. I have severe insomnia and PTSD so I have terrible issue around sleep. My severe insomnia would keep me awake for 7-9 days at a time because psychologically I didn't/don't want to sleep because I'm terrified of my PTSD night terrors and PTSD nightmares. Even multiple medications don't work all the time. My go-to is cannabis. It helps me get restorative sleep that I'm unable to get because of my fibromyalgia. For me – THC is so helpful for sleep, but some people are able to just use CBD (with zero traces of THC).

  3. The edibles are so strong!!!! I find that I can take a little tiny sesame seed size bite of a regular gummy that is made with Indica (Sativa makes me sleepy at first but then I wake up feeling really bitchy) and the Indica will shut off my brain so I can sleep, BUT it makes me feel so heavy and really groggy for almost 48 hours. So I’m bummed because I was hoping it would be a good sleep assistant on a regular basis, but not the case. Back to using good old magnesium for sleep.

  4. I love cannabis, 20 years user since my 16 year old. I am quitting cannabis in 2023 at least for sleep, I will just smoke in some nature trail / hiking something like that, because it fucked up my dream totally. Thc is not good for REM sleep, please, dont do it to yourself..

  5. Smoking weed for sleep is bad.
    Firstly, you should be able to sleep without it. Or you should deal with the problems that keep you awake or wake you up.
    Second, you are inhaling hot air. That will give you cancer, and hurt your lungs which in turn hurts everything in your body. Because everything needs oxygen.

    Third, it might help you while you are dealing with problems, so as a form of medication paired with therapy could be beneficial. But just using it every day to fall asleep without trying to really solve anything is only going to do dmg in the long run.

  6. I find it that if I stop smoking for around two weeks, my brain "settles" and relaxes again. But during those two weeks, I will experience one to two hours less sleep than optimal.
    The brain starts to rely on it, basically.

  7. i recommend microdosing mushrooms, it has really helped me on anxiety, depression and ptsd????☝️look up that handle, he got shrooms varieties, lsd, dmt, molly, ketamine, cannabis, coke and ships swiftly,a mycologist that guided me..

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