1. "There was loading shedding"
    "They switched on and off their torches, they didn't want us near them"

    "in the morning he changes his uniform, he wanted to appear like IPD"

    The law should have a specific change to people tempering with evidence by making baseless claims.

  2. There's no truth here, majority of these so-called sisters & brothers are dealing drugs and it's a FACT. Drug dealers obviously do not carry drugs with them and police cannot protect criminals.

  3. Those people saying " its our land" who gave you boarder to decide people? Wher did the bantu people come from? Read history. You are very ignorant. The world ???? is one sorry you are glorifying monsters to devour you tomorrow. Wath and see . With all the corruption in "your "

  4. I wish it was legal raid cause chances are even those police were working for another drug dealer…u can never ever trust police from Johannesburg they so dirty… with them it's all about money and corruption… they should conduct a proper investigation..????

  5. I wonder whether those people who are interviewed are residing within the borders of our country legally. I wish IDs would be requested on interview. We are sick and tired of illegitimate inhabitants.

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