CBD may interfere with daily medications

The popularity of CBD products is growing fast — faster than researchers can keep up. There are a lot of unknowns when it comes …


  1. Long read but this is my take on segments like this: Literally all drugs have this to them. You need to be careful when it comes to mixing ANY medications…but people are ignorant and don't know this, but it should be common knowledge. The fact there's TV segments about CBD in particular is just one huge red flag. Big Pharma hate CBD due to how many things it can treat. Big pharma like to make as many different medications as possible that all treat individual things and often cause interactions that cause you to need more medications on top of that for further capitalisation. CBD treats a vast array of different things and Big Pharma are doing their best to push against it being FDA approved as it would eliminate the need for many of their products that they sell at a ridiculous price. This rule applies to all drugs like I said so the fact there's only segments on CBD and not any other drug is so telling. But Big Pharma know people are stupid and that they generally don't know this. They know people will see things like this and see CBD in a different light to other drugs. There are basically no cons from what has been studied on CBD so Big Pharma can't go making false claims about it so they've resorted to shining a light onto to a particular subject area that most are ignorant towards and using it to hyper-inflate peoples perspective on CBD using scare tactics and fear mongering….as if CBD is the only drug that interacts with other drugs. Drugs are chemicals and al chemicals react to at least one other chemical…..especially when you put them in your body. Big Pharma are scared that the CBD industry will grow and grow and they'll start losing profits…as they likely already have. This is sort of the reason cannabis was made illegal in the first place. The paper industry didn't like how hemp paper was cheaper to make, more environmentally friendly & the fact a full crop of it could grow in just 3 months. Back then legislation wasn't as tight as it is now so they put false info out there saying how cannabis made you violent and that's "why Mexicans always smoke it." Because this dude owned a paper company, he made up an article with false info about cannabis to use fear and get the stuff criminalised…which it was. It is like we have done a full circle, but people are more aware now. The world has started to realise that cannabis isn't so harmful, especially CBD. The plant itself has so much to offer and it's the main reason it has been kept criminalised for as long as it has. There are many big companies that would go bust if it were decriminalised across the globe.

  2. up to 50% of docotr prescribed medications are made to target G protein-coupled receptors… CBD targets those same receptors as well and metabolizes there in the receptors or increases the enzymes / epoxides / amides that degrade lipids for cellular homeostasis

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