Cannabis Plans: Greens Push To Make Recreational Cannabis Legal Across Australia

The ACT is currently the only state in Australia which has legalised the recreational use of cannabis. Now the Greens have a bold …


  1. 2:03 typical 2 digit IQ blondes that should be removed from this country let alone a news channel, probably drugged up by all the chemicals on face, hair and body, all the sugar and coffee she is addicted to, probably couldn't get by without if her life depended on it, all the junk foods and the alcohol she consumes nightly or weekly, no wonder she is brain dead. I wonder how much they pay these uneducated/unintelligent goons to talk nonsense about a plant that can replace almost all pharmaceutical drugs, cause its those drug lords who fund and twist the news/laws cause they are afraid this one plant will send them out of business. Money controls and bends the laws, if you make 100s of billions, you basically run the government. We all know that its never been a war on drugs but a war on consciousness, same reason why psychedelics are illegal yet continue to prove cures for many illnesses.

  2. Cannabis can do many amazing things, and it helps people live a quality life. I know some people have negative thoughts about cannabis, and we cannot force them to believe in it in an instant. But I hope they can have a more open mind about it.

  3. The old guy needs to study the endocannainoid system and ask why its there for seniors like me its a God send, ignorance at your age is inexcusable yo the greens

  4. Please allowing old men who know very little about cannabis to speak openly on public issues is not helping the hemp industry in general , you should have enlightened him in front of your viewers instead of looking like amateurs

  5. Who let this old foggy on with his predictable reefer madness bill! Move into the here and now, many of the old lines we are hearing are led by special interest groups with no current factual views on regulated weed.

  6. Hydroponically grown marijuana contains 14-18% THC. Mum and dads in the 80’s puffed on 4% THC. Marijuana is NOT a soft drug, it is potent, toxic and a major cause of psychosis in young users. Amsterdam legally sells up to 25% THC.

  7. Its been legal in ACT for 3 YEARS!
    Hurry up and stop being so rude, this stuff is costing me a fortune just to stay level headed and off pharmaceutical products

  8. If people could grow 6 plants and you have gov run dispensaries
    Why not make it that people who are gifted with a green thumb or similar quality be able to sell there harvested product to said gov dispensaries and have a taxed payment made to the grower.
    Regulate gov run dispensaries with work for the dole activities and alternative career pathways/learning

  9. I have a very painful condition that the doctors can’t solve. They will give me opioids for it but instead i choose to have a smoke at the end of the day to help me sleep and not go insane from pain. Leave us mature adults who have chosen cannabis to help us try to survive a world that just doesn’t understand how hard it is to just get out of bed each day. I’ve had enough of other humans who don’t suffer this deciding what i’m allowed to do to feel some relief and not try to exit the world prematurely.

  10. Yes think the green s are right that it will get Australian in a better place with the taxes helping the economy and plus it’s better then the rich investors raking in all the profits on the so call medical marijuana

  11. There is so much stigma and misinformation 'baked' into people's minds about cannabis. Look at the facts…It's not deadly, it has legitimate medicinal and therapeutic benefits (for many, not all as is the case with all medicinal drugs), many high functioning and productive members of society use it without negative affect, we could generate billions in tax revenue from legalization…the list goes on and on. Keeping it illegal does far more harm than good. People should not be considered criminals because they like to smoke a joint to relax or lift their mood or ease their pain in the privacy of their own homes. Its 'high time' people put their judgements and hypocrisy aside and looked to the countries where it has been legalized to see that the pro's clearly outweigh the con's. But that's just me…

  12. I use it now and then had no issues, i even taught myself to write code with c#, quite proficiently, man old fashioned ideas irk me, we are living in a new paradigm for god sakes

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