Why People Quit Growing Weed [AND HOW TO AVOID IT!]

A buddy of mine let me know he was gonna quit growing shortly after I filmed this video. Crazy to see how many growers start then …


  1. I liked this video. It really is almost a sinking feeling watching someone get excited about growin, spend a couple grand on a huge tent and the most hyped pro grade lights and equipment. Just to kill a couple rounds of beans and sell their equipment for a fraction of what they paid for it.

  2. Earthbox build a soil style will get the dank. Way easier and cheaper than any other style being preached on the internet. Is it wise to take advice from kids that know how to grow hay? Sorry Rob, but your experience with boof is concerning to say the least…????✌️

  3. Growing is not for everyone.

    Growing like anything done well takes time, effort, and tenacity.

    Just completed my first year, and it really sucked, but I learned so much.
    First two crops were discouraging, but the third was pretty ???? good.

    I look forward to learning more about Growing every day.

    I did no quit.

  4. He thinks people quit growing because they dont know how to grow weed. Not the truth. The most gifted growers quit when they have that moment of realization on how it affects others. It is extremely damaging to the lowest level consumer which is who you rely on to make your profit. Grow your weed, just never sell it TO ANYONE. EVER.

  5. I started growing weed at 13. grew until I was 27. I quit growing due to the destructive nature of weed. The lowest level consumer, the guy who buys an eighth or quarter a week to smoke is being absolutely devestated. It drains their money, their motivation, and their will power. If you are a long time grower, Take a year off of weed, start excercising every day, eat healthy and you will understand the damage it causes. People will go homeless from smoking weed. Ive seen it happen. they spend that extra 60 – 100 dollars a week which equates to 3- 5k a year. thats 3 months rent for most people. They get behind in life. get behind in finances. GROWERS WILL SUFFER THE PAIN OF THE LIVES YOU DEVESTATE BELIEVE THIS…. I WILL BE JOINING YOU ALL IN THE PAIN…. ITS THE RAW HARD HONEST TRUTH FAM…..

  6. Hey bro you got another light give away my light want out and I'm about to lose over a lb. And I dont got the money let me know if I can enter some where thanks brother much love keep the awesome videos. One love.

  7. I tried growing in a greenhouse and they died a month before harvest, wasted over $1000. I hated having to take care of them. I'll never do it again, and it actually kind of made me end up hating weed. I don't even smoke anymore. Out here in Oregon you can't even hardly give weed away it's so oversupplied and worthless nowadays. People just give it away like lawn debris

  8. Im going on my second year of growing and I've finally found a pheno I love growing, I grew 12 plants in a tent last year and found it, I like how you guys prefer taste in your bud and look for that gas and I think I found that with this Kmintz strain from ripper seeds

  9. Hey man I really appreciate the information you provide we just got legal in Virginia and I just want to get started I do notice there’s a lot of cost in the equipment I was kind of hoping I could do something myself with some LED lights or whatever like you got to get I’m just getting started don’t know what I’m doing grew a plant in our school cat ate it took off. But I am subscribed and I appreciate what you’re doing thanks man

  10. Shit, the more people that give it up the better in my opinion! Just leaves room for more EXPERIENCED or at the very least more (SERIOUS) growers…..I'm not saying new people shouldn't give it a try! But if you ain't serious anyways why bother that's all……

  11. Iv seen many reasons to grow and only one of mine has been stated, I started to stop spending money on rubbish, and also to provide meds for people that don't trust this boom in the green market, I mean a gram for £10 is not a good deal at all, so I started growing to provide others with meds for "free" I really don't care what I spend on seeds, electric ect, and even use sunlight too

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