WEEKLY VLOG! Breakfast Date, Solo Spa Date, Unboxing My First Le Creuset Pot, Cooking & More

Happy Sunday Friends ❤️. I hope you enjoy this week’s Vlog! Let’s Connect on Instagram: namhla_mabombo. Plugs : -Trolley: …


  1. Yhoo mntase uyandisikelela. I wish I can put in to words how you make me feel. How I feel when I see your growth and lifestyle and the hard working being that you are. I receive your glory and anointing????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????☹☹☹☹. I love you. ????????????Yhuuu hayi Namhla mani. Yhuuuuu

  2. ????????????????????????not you saying you need to "balance", yazibona ke into xa uplanna it doesnt work. That always happens kum . love you mani ????.Oh sisi as I end off watching this vlog, it was so therapeutic, I laughed yho . I love this for you, I have seen how you have moved from being super stressed out, to going to church and trying to find balance . I am so happy for you . Hugsssss!!!!

  3. I just wanted to drop by and say that I'm a new subscriber to your channel, and I'm really enjoying the content you're putting out. I actually just started doing vlogs myself, so it's been really helpful to see your videos and learn from your experiences❤❤❤❤

  4. I'm not big on watching YouTube channels, but sana, yours is addictive ???????? in a good way though. It has become one of my weekly to-do list. I get to be in touch with my girlie side mntakabawo, learning a few self care tricks here and there. We love you ntombi❤

  5. " for the pain" ???????????? spoil yourself ntombi. …. Hardworking babies deserve to spoil themselves ❤️

    Please do "get to know me" would love to know you ❤️ no rush

  6. I sell the exact same electronics found on Takealot, I can honestly tell you that they are way over priced. I was selling airfryers for R850 ,it was R6000 on Takealot ????. The glasses you can find at plastics for Africa ,they are in Montague Gardens right next to the @ home clearance centre. I'll send you a PR package soon ❤.

  7. Lovely vlog as always. A quick question regarding your Nespresso lattissims machine. How do you find it since you got it?..Quality wise..Is it something you could recommend one to buy? The smeg reviews are not too convincing ????

  8. @namhla_mbambo first things first thank you for this Vlog I was looking for it since Friday lol and I think I have already mentioned this in my first comment but now am back to tell you that after you mention Love is blind I went and searched for it and am on episode two. I had to come back to say thank you for the plug because am enjoying it❤

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