1. I think its wrong to ask people to avoid thc in general but it is true that some people should avoid it. It is not for everyone. It is true that it can unlock schizophrenia in those with a history of illness.

  2. I’m personally intrigued to know what the negatives and positives of THC are. I don’t mean it’s a just “carcinogen” or “it makes me hungry”.

  3. Lmao???????????????? the elites hate our free minds. Free from stress which is fear. That's why they divide us. Weed. A weed is from God and is healing. And it brings people together. They even used weed in the temples in Israel. It all over the net. Look it up.

  4. Can you talk more on the negative side of THC you mentioned? In a world climate where we are heading towards decriminalisation and legalisation, I don't think it cuts it anymore to just say "THC (or cannabis) bad", the reasons and evidence must also be supplied so that people can make informed consent.

  5. I often feel the addictive qualities of THC are extremely underrated in today’s society. Using it sparingly may not be so harmful, though carcinogenic, but it has 100% had a negative effect on my mental health/psychological disorders as I age.

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