Timelapse Outdoor Automatic Grow From Seed To Harvest

An example of how to grow an automatic ruderalis hemp plant outdoors in a greenhouse from seed to harvest for CBD. Like the …


  1. I put a seed from a friend in the pot of my chinese money plant. It was december last year. Yesterday when I gave the money plant water, I saw a litle green plant growing on the spot where I placed the seed. So if this thing is really growing, in winter, with like less than 4hours light each day, I call myself super impressed!

  2. Spider mites are my worst nightmare. My first ever grow was with 4 plants and they got infested with them before I could do anything about it. I’d rather my plant straight up die then get those fukn things on them.

  3. This can be cheaper if don't care about the dirt and fertilizer, if you break up the outdoor dirt enough it will grow and you can use dog manure, old coffee bean stuff like that can be used, I'd definitely would make sure to get mite and ant control

  4. That pot is way to small for a 11 week grow. You needed a geurilla tub (£5)
    John innes No1 -50 litres.
    Feed on a Friday
    Water on a wed
    Ph 6.0
    Ppm weeks 1-7 (bloom)
    Flush distilled water last 2 weeks.
    Last 2 days darkness.
    40-50 g per plant 12 weeks seed to cut down. Just need 10 out. ????

  5. Jorge Cervantes also grows his auto flowers this way … Now with a photo period you can water twice a day but auto flowers are different the roots are not like photos they are not meant to grow long so they have traveling roots the less you water the more roots you accumulate the more roots the more flowers… Hope this helps.

  6. Hey friend for auto flowers water ???? every 4th day only feed week 3 & week 5 if you do this yield will go up and plant growth will explode….. It goes on and on but for now try this method it comes from Sasha the inventor of the auto flowers as we know them to be…

  7. Ummm. I was looking for outdoor grow..
    The 1st minute you describe an indoor grow..
    I spent a fraction of what this guy spent and my girls are thriving OUTSIDE. No greenhouse. No lights. No fans. No humidifiers. I did do a lil LST and at week 6 my girls are bigger than the plants in the video at week 8.

  8. Synthetic Nitrogen is the EXACT same thing as organic. No matter how it's made, it's nitrogen. Plus, you can control synthetics more than organic. so… meh.

  9. Hi man have a question , i have a royal drawf It Better Did you only grow it inside with the sun coming through the window? or did you put it outside?
    and when I can put it outside without risking dying?

  10. Harvesting at 80% amber is dumb anyways, gives you a higher cbd plant. Harvest your plants early, when only 30% of the trichs have turned amber, and youll have a higher thc plant with a more psychedelic head high.

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