Thousands line up for first day of recreational marijuana sales in New Jersey

Thursday was a historic day as the first legal purchases of recreational pot were made in New Jersey. As CBS2’s Cory James …


  1. that clown acts like eating a thc gummy is more common AND more dangerous than alll the other things kids eat and get way sicker from (choking hazards all the way to swallowing batteries or cleaning products or gasp Alcohol/Prescirption drugs that COULD actually kill them smh)

  2. The end of the world is here everyday this country falls into unrighteousness, sin is pervasive, murder, drunkenness, fools. the whole world is coming to an end very soon. the morality in this country is disgusting, Disney is disgusting. all I can say is put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and repent of your sins, there's not much time left look at your life your soul is on the line and everlasting life, as it was in the days of Noah, so said shall it be in the end, trust in the Lord Jesus Christ amen

  3. Make sure kids don’t get ingest a gummy????

    That dude ????

    So if a kid wrongly ingested beer… am I gonna c him walking around drunk and boozing all the time?

    Use your brain man… start thinking

  4. Enjoy the “high”, same happened in Chicago when recreational weed first legalized, but after awhile the sell high goes away people get so used to it, in Chicago no one line up for it any more.

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