1. There's alot of lambs on this chat.

    Wake up MJ is not mainstream or used a medical treatment yet due to the pharmaceutical industries.

    Its all to do with money.

  2. They made it illegal because in 1930s planes started carrying passengers and the black True Rasta Israelites partook of the Ganja for their sacrament. The Bible calls it the plant of renown. So racists Anslinger, Bilderberg, Hearst, Rockerfeller, a d other Satanist knew it was Black man's birthright and racist America outlawed it. Simple as that.

  3. The Government, must needs stop practising ( by deceitful means) Medicine, as it doesn't have a licence to practice medicine.
    Laaw enforcement, & the Feds, are also practice in "Cruel & Unusual / dangerous" practices, in breach of applicable laws.
    The "paid liars" – a valid job description, need to stay the hell out of aiding & abetting the Feds, criminal behaviour – theft, subverting/perverting the course of Justice.
    As for the DOJ, & it's corrupt 'freinds', again, stay the hell out of Medicine & inflicting cruel & unusual punishments, via side-effects.
    Wether one agrees or not, the naysayers, will, get their come-upence, sooner rather than later, which in the time of covid-19, could be that karma, catching up with them, unfortunately, to many innocents, are again imperilled.
    The Government, is Not a Law, unto itself, ( although it would like to be, like some Dictators) and no matter which party governs, they will come to get, regardless of how 'elite' they think themselves, for they are not 'elite', they are just blinded by the power, greed, moral, ethical, and spiritual, corruption, that comes with the job.

  4. Mag . What are you doing man. We hungry for more . You said you ain't gonna never stop so don't stop. We need the mag. Look let's go buddy . We are waiting on you.

  5. The other thing is the federal government is completely evil and not on your side. Need proof? Google agenda 2030/agenda 21 that open your eyes.

  6. The solution to this madness especially when it comes to what the second speaker was talking about is know who you’re voting for ! Don’t vote for anybody who passes any of this archaic outdated propaganda based on false information. All drugs should be legal. Focus rehabilitation.

  7. Being that cannabis is good for you and your body is made to ingest it of course it’s all about money I’ve been able to get off all my prescription meds or most of them I should say working on the last few at this point just cannabis. There’s no such thing as marijuana!

  8. My back/shoulder/neck discomfort often stops me getting to sleep. I can either take completely synthetic chemicals or opiates….which make me constipated and give me indigestion…….or I can puff on cannabis organically grown in my garden. Come on UK, legalise and tax it….go on Amber,you can do it!

  9. My son was in Amsterdam some months ago.  He spoke to a policeman there, happily standing next to cafe's that sold different kinds of cannabis in cookies and cakes.   He said that the crime level in Amsterdam, a city of about 800,000 people – was almost nil.  There are strict laws against mixing alcohol and cannabis – however, but the public do not cross the line.    My son went to a very busy nightclub and late that night his girlfriend lost her purse which had a lot of cash in it,  and the following day they returned, not believing to ever find it.  It had been handed in, and not a penny was missing.  Its a lovely city, very safe to visit and the people are fantastic.

  10. All of this is true. Everyone has a right to chose, no doubt.
     However, thousands including myself have found it psychologically addictive.  Also if you don't have a job are on SSI and medicaid of which I am, it's too expensive.  It's useful as a medication I can testify to that since I have epilepsy.  Thing is I found it really didn't work for me.  Still I couldn't give mj up.  I needed it to blanket my own inner pain.  I turned to marijuana anonymous like thousands of other addicts have. I found something that is legal natural and really works. Coconut, no sugar, a good diet, prayer, and faith. Now even I who is on SSI will be able to afford a new computer in a few months. I slowly pay my loans, and am learning to accept my health issues one day at time.  I am in recovery.  I feel whole.

  11. In order for it to become legal in more corrupt and inbred states like Fla, there will need to be speakers like this come forward to enlighten the masses/voters. Not a personal injury lawyer.

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