1. Ninyi ni wavivu wa fikra kama alivyo mzee wenu Odinga,Ruto kama Rais kijana anaweza kuipeleka kenya kwenye mafanikio lakini mzee wa kitendawili, vision ya Rais Ruto ni kubwa na ina afya kwa wakenya. Mwacheni Rais atekeleze mipango kwa manufaa yenu wenyewe

  2. WEAKEND POLICE this is NONSENSE, imagine arresting your bosses who have no offence just because they are fighting for there rights…."hii kenya watu wako na upuzi sana"

  3. I hope there should have been a constitution which allows ruto to appoint president for one month only and raila should have been the one to be appointed then ask him we need to demonstrate and break the law and what his reactions looks like

  4. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????….ati mnapinga ….aki upuzi ni mob kenya…..raila ako free uko ndani ….acha anakam kuwatoa

  5. Mr Ruto must underline the word protest with a red pen!!!! Of course it is high time Kenyans want back their dignity, all mothers are really industrious but if you a mother crying because of hardship of life know that our leaders love their own in the expense of mothers who gave birth to all people including the people who are now letting us deserve unbearable life as if we are slaves????????????!!. ALL MOTHERS MUST BE LISTEN TO IF NOT WE ARE BURRING THE FUTURE OF THIS BELOVED COUNTRY KENYA????????????????. WE MUST REGAIN BACK OUR DIGNITY, Ruto apende asipende. Moi regime was far much buried and no turning back to archaic regime ????????????????. Thanks for your liking, byebye.

  6. Ruto loves this… given an amazing excuse to give his strongholds during 2027 campaigns… "hatungefanya yote ambayo tuliyo ahidi kwasababu ya mzee wa kukataa matokeo ya UCHANGUZI… this guy could have just allowed ruto drown himself with his millions of promises… already hustler fund had started drowning him… now you just gave him an escape route… master saboteur of himself… last time it was betraying all other nasa principles with KIFARANGA ya KOMPUTA handshake ???? ????????????His advisors should be hanged they're kenya kwanza insiders

  7. The funny thing is, the guys who are leading the people to the streets, were the creators of the problems the country is facing. It has taken them decades to get the country where it is now and they are lying to the people that going to the streets will solve economic hardship.

    It is not that simple. What people should know is, incarnating on planet earth is an individual choice and economic situation is never part of making that choice. No one is a victim on this planet. There are several planets out there to have chosen from. Let politicians not misguide anyone.

  8. Kwani WA mama wajaluo ndio muko na jaa peke yenyu, wacheni kuleta aibu kila mama ni were u kwa kulisa watoto wake. Bona munafwata raila na bibi yake ako Wapi a lie pamaja Na nyinyi sisi tuko busy tukitafutja watoto wetu. Hatuna time ya madamano. Wa mama hoyeeeee.

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