We have arrived in Perth!! Our first time over in Western Australia and we are SO excited to see this side of Aus. Perth has …


  1. Curious. Did you google something like “best things to do in Perth”? I always feel travellers miss a lot when they’re here.
    I would hit up a few locals for suggestions….
    When you go to Rottnest, don’t hire a bicycle. Use the bus…. Trust me, and I’m a cyclist!

  2. Perth isn't a tourist city, it's a family city. All the places you are visiting we share as family, that's what creates the chilled out layback feel. Sydney and Melbourne are international cities so they attract the bulk of the migrants. The ones that come here vary accept the young ones. Most seem to have been here before and decided to return and raise a family and in that context it's a nice city to do just that. Hope you enjoy your stay.

  3. The World Surfing Competition Margaret River Event is about to start. It's three and a half hours South, and Accommodation would be hard to get, but judging by your accents, you might not have seen much Big Wave Surfing. Especially with the best in the World going at it. It's not school holidays, and it's an amazing vibe in an absolutely beautiful place. And the Surf might really be on this year.

  4. Perth city is for work and major entertainment only. Outside, but near the city you have a ton of entertainment centres, Northbridge which is an …adventure. Leederville, Subiaco Beaufort strip, Victoria Park and the casino area, plus others nearby. It is NOT City centric. There are probably another 10, or even more, areas equivalent to Fremantle, being sub city centres, that's where the entertainment is. Perth is now the longest city in the world, taking over from Sochi. No shortage of beaches and huge parks. Transport and freeways are easy.

  5. If youre getting a car try Mandurah on the weekends – sundays theres usually a market on the foreshore. If you know the secret place you can get up close and friendly with the local dolphins (without getting on the dolphin watch cruise). Theres also the Mandurah giants to find. Thrombolites at lake clifton if that kind of thing floats your boat. Youre too late for seeing the penguins on penguin island – in summer they come ashore to moult – and in summer you can cross via the sandbar or catch the ferry. The lesmurdie falls give you a good panarama view over the city – about 30 minutes drive to the hills. THe hills used to be beautiful but theyre a bit neglected now. THen theres the wildlife at caversham wildlife park and the flowers at araluen (out of season). If youre keen on driving north or south – either is good depending on what youre looking for. North geraldton is 4 hours, kalbarri 6, shark bay 10, but best to stop off at kalbarri for a night (air bnb if you can or try the kalbarri resort). North is spectacular, south is merely very nice. But there are vineyards and swish food to the south (and cold now). North the weather is ok – not as hot as in summer and no 24/7 tradewind). theres the kalbarri cliffs, the pink lake, port gregory, kalbarri itself (its not wildlife season), the gorge, then shark bay – too much amazing stuff to list. Make sure your accommodation is good if you stay up there though – cheap can be very cheap.

  6. Perth's 'entertainment centre' is Northbridge. It attracts people from across Perth and beyond, drawn to lively and gritty nightlife, diverse food scene, independent retailers and creatives. The hub of a pulsing culture and arts scene, there is a true sense of inner-city community.

  7. Yep,Freo is a good vibe ????
    Rotto is a must,tho maybe a bit cold for swimming now,but the beaches & bays are beautiful in summer. Don't forget your Quokka selfies ????
    Depends how far you are travelling, but Esperance beaches are the whitest and clearest in Australia ..but it's a 7-hour drive south.
    Closer is Margaret River, Dunsborough, Busselton, Bunbury & Mandurah….then there's up North.????

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