MS & Pain relief CBD (Cannabidiol)

Pain, there are all types , you might want to look into this, it could possibly help you.


  1. Jorge, I usually look to you for inspiration. I just met a fellow SPMS patient 40 yrs of MS she never took a dmt, edss of 6. you’re not alone !—how’s the ocrevus treating you since your last update? —me i’ve just been rated 4.5 on the edss still on dmt’s still swing’n

  2. Thank you mr Castillo, it's really hard in UK to get anything marijuana based, but when I see my neurologist I'm going to ask again, many thanks for all your great ideas.

  3. according to the research they have done, thc actually also helps spastiscity. I have it terrible in my legs and lower body. MS in Ohio here! I was wondering if you are still following the Wahls protocol and if it is helping any symptoms of yours and if so what? thanks for your time

  4. Just got diagnosed with optic neuritis and i know that could be a red flag for the beginnings of MS but so far my mri is clean but main reason Im writing this is i ran across on of your old videos and i could tell it was a struggle for you just talking about it and now I just saw this one and it looks like your doing better and your in a better place mentally and im just glad to see that. Here's to many more happy years for you and if it does end up i have MS then i know i could get through because you did.

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