1. This stuff works. I have a mean bug bite that made my hand swell up so bad. It is unbearably itchy and puffy. Within seconds this stopped the itchy and reduced swelling. My husband will use it for his back pain. I know this sounds silly but i suffer from migraines and i can’t wait to see how effective it is with that.

  2. Hi! I know this video is super old but thank you for making it, I’m suffering from daily headaches and looking for relief with CBD. Do you know how many mg of CBD is in the version of this you have/had? There are now 3 different strengths.

  3. Lisa, the company may not know who you are, but you are definitely NOT a nobody! As someone who has experienced chronic pain for most of my life I really appreciate you taking the time to post this video. I'm a complete noob to CBD products and find all the info out there to be a bit overwhelming. I'll definitely give this product a try. Thanks again!

  4. Just rubbed this on my neck after picking it up yesterday and the shop. OMG I have never used anything that works that well that fast !!! Skip all others …as I watch your video an hour later no pain!!!!

  5. I have just started to use an organic CBD hemp salve as a topical treatment for migraine, which seems to be working very well. Similar idea, without the cold feeling.

  6. Is the CBD roll on help more than just the icy hot/essential oil better at relaxing muscles related to migraines? Sometimes the super fragrant stuff make my migraine worse too 🙁

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