1. Then show me the PROOF! Show me the others it doesn't work with!! I want to see them! Cause when I search it I only found a couple, and they weren't horrible side affects, as a matter of fact they switched the dose, and the strain and the side affects went away!!!

  2. I hate that it works with sum and not other … yet your giving those sum and other pills that will fuck them up more then help them instead of giving cbd a chance ????‍♂️????‍♂️????‍♂️????‍♂️

  3. I am 40 and have used marijuana to calm my autism for many years. Due to it being illegal federally, I've had a hard time getting/keeping good employment. Without the marijuana however, I cannot get through an interview without a meltdown. Please federal gov. legalize this natural medicine and stop pushing harmful legal chemicals on us!

  4. i’m high right now and i’ll shall give my high opinion on this, what if autistic people suffered in a past life and the high being gave them the best gift autism. they probably look like they’re suffering but they might just be high all the time and weed puts them down to a more normal level it like works in reverse. (note: i have never been this high before so all these words might just make no sense)

  5. I got this herbal supplement from DR JADU OINDIN ON youtube channel and used it on my son for 4week and within the period of using it there was positive changes which really urge me to continue and I can say my son is free from autism now.,,,,,

  6. I have autism and I'm 27 I've been using pot as a medication treatment for about 3 years now and have been an avid stoner since 12. Ihaving sensory overload issues is big for me and it makes it hard to even go outside but when I smoke all the sounds slow down to a somewhat normal level and without It I couldn't even leave my house

  7. im autistic and i have very bad anxiety get panic attacks very frequently when i smoke even just a little bit it goes down by like 80%, im in sweden so its illegal. they should definetly lagalize it in more countries imo. maybe not completly but regulated a bit

  8. I took Seroquel some years back, horrible stuff. It made my depression worse, and also made me have angry outbursts. I just couldn't handle it so I stopped taking it. I spent years taking all kinds of medicine and I honestly rather deal with the depression and anxiety, and the ADHD, than the side-effects of the medication I was being prescribed.

  9. I love that pediatricians understand that this could be an important use for those on the spectrum, but also cautious. I think history has shown us to be leery of jumping head-first into things.

  10. I live in Florida where Medical Marijuana is legal, and I have Asperger's. I wish my parents gave me this medication to treat my meltdowns instead of Risperdal. I regret not becoming a stoner earlier.

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