Medical Marijuana and Social Security Disability Benefits

Sharon Christie from Sharon Christie Law discusses the trending topic of medical marijuana and Social Security Disability …


  1. hello. My medical records indicate that my last use of marijuana was 2009. Having recently moved to a "legalized" state, my bank records indicate multiple "ATM" transactions at a local dispensary. I am suddenly terrified of being asked about smoking by an SSI physician – never mind a judge. Is it likely or possible that the SS folks will use my bank records to give my otherwise denials of recent use the terrible lie? I am literally shaking with fear and having chest pains. Please help.

  2. I’m already on disability but would I lose my benefits if I got on medical marijuana? I’m in Louisiana where it is legal for my condition. Could you please help me? I can’t afford to lose my benefits but I do need to try something else to help my condition. Thank you

  3. Thanks for your video… but when you say if you are in a state where it is legal, and have a medical prescription, then it is ok, However, SSDI is federal and marijuana is federally illegal… so doesn't that contradict your point? I would appreciate if you would clarify this point. Thank you.

  4. So if you are already getting benefits through SSDI and then you get a Valid Prescription from a valid Dr through your valid state, will your SSDI benefits be cut if you get the Medical Marijuana Card?

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