JLR was right

A correction on the facts about Dudley Ajan #dudleyajan #jlr #cam&Ally Discovery Place | Nashville, TN …


  1. I just think that it's messed up that all of these people that has been up there on the hill, and none of them has found SUMMER. But have you ever wondered how much money they have made off of SUMMER ???? and still no SUMMER
    Almost 2yrs,14yrs. ???????????????????????????????❤️

  2. Cam needs to get off you tube. Especially true crime! He sticks up for the bad guys no matter what. And why does he do that? Well maybe he is messed up in the head too. Just saying

  3. JLR is an ass, excon, tragedy pimp.He may get something right once in a bluemoon but otherwise is a menace to society.

  4. I been subscriber to JLR and I haven't found him to put out deluberate incorrect information yet but why the music when speaking about something of so called worth of another. Makes me feel rather dubious as to what is being said
    Good for you Nana being there to get things sorted out ⚘⚘⚘

  5. This is why I am such a stickler for Creator sourcing. Those who don't source, are themselves less credible. Yes, it takes a few more minutes to open up Studio and write the source and link. However, sourcing lets the audience know where the information came from, elevating the Creators credibility. Well done????

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