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  2. I think Cannabis is very safe for recreational use because there are no such reports about people who got or experienced an overdose on using Marijuana. And for medical-used, Cannabis is very reliable.

  3. Marijuana is only as addictive as you make it when you abuse and misuse it. If someone uses it inappropriately or begins abusing stronger substances when high, I don't think marijuana is to blame.

  4. Yeah you want a constructive comment let me tell you the FDA kind of proof a poison vaccine which hasn’t been tested but marijuana, be approved and has many many years of testing that just goes to show the idiocy of your country America which is going down by the way write down because of his stupidity and the way it has treated the rest of the world

  5. The first thing to do is get the federal government to remove marijuana from the Schedule 1 list. Then more research can be done. It must have SOME medicinal properties, or so many "red states" wouldn't be legalizing it. They know something the federal government isn't ready to admit.

  6. Weed is not healthy when you smoke it. When you smoke it kills the minerals just like when you burn or over cook your food. Put it in a tea bag like any other herbs.

  7. I think it's toxic and totalitarian to police consciousness. It should be legal not for any medical reasons but simply for the mere fact that we are free adults and it's our bodies so it should be our choice.

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