I Tried CBD Oil For My Anxiety: Here's What Happened || Does It Work Or Not? My Experience!

I tried CBD oil for anxiety. Does it work or not? My experience! – This video describes the effects & benefits I noticed when taking …


  1. i vape Koi CBD, and i think its working well, im feeling less stressed at days, my sad thoughs, maybe depression gets supressed, i feel more concentration at times while working, but i dont know, at first i kinda felt the effects but now idk if im feeling anything, anywyas other thing i noticed is that it wears off my marijuana high. thing i find kinda stressing lol

  2. hi ive just ordered 300mg for the first time for anxiety. you video is really informative, i am unsure though how many times do you smoke it each time how many puffs so to speak say before you go out or go to bed thanks xx

  3. I’m very thankful for your channel! I have been wanting to try CBD for a while but been reluctant due to lack of knowledge and lack of valuable, easy to understand sources. You vids are great! I enjoy the animation, it makes the information much easier to absorb ☺️

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