How to get your Florida Medical Marijuana Card 2022

Dr. Andreoni, from Cannabis Doctors of Florida, explains how to obtain your Florida Medical Marijuana Certification and ID card.


  1. Do you think I’d get approved if I turn 21 in 5 months I’m having issues with anxiety and joint pains but I heard something about you can’t get a medical marijuana card until you’re 21

  2. I am 18 but have trouble sleeping, anxiety, and stress but the times I’ve had weed it has calmed me down and help me sleep and the best sleep. But I don’t have any papers that show I have any of those would I still be able to get approved or would they most likely not approve me due to me being 18 with no proof.

  3. Found it very helpful,thank you. Your first vid was fine Doc, educational and entertaining, definitely worth the little bit of extra time. Grateful that you’re posting these to keep us FL residents informed. Subscribed. Would you recommend the Boynton Beach location CDoF (I’m in PBC) or will I get to see Ron Burgundy and SpongeBob if make the trip to N Miami?

  4. Could you still get a medical card if you self diagnosed with anxiety and insomnia? without medical history i never saved paper work or anything growing up?

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