How I recovered from TMD/TMJ | jaw pain, ear pain, headaches & dizziness

In this video, I share my personal journey of recovering from TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) and how I was able to find …


  1. I have super tight muscles in upper back after a traumatic loss of a loved one in family 8 years ago. Since then whenever there any mental stress at work or personal life my upper back just starts to burn like fire.. Needless to say visits to doctors haven't given any benefit.. Only now I realize after reading books and watching channels like yours it's a mind body connection. Now I understand it was flood of unregulated stress which started it all and now this constant muscle tension doesn't leave my body after years of that particular trauma..My MRI and scans are all clean .Could you please help me with techniques to keep oneself more prepared when the stressful situation strikes again to cause another flareup.. Thanks for your videos.. Just watching your videos helped eased my pain so I'm sure it's something to do with my mind.

  2. Hi Rachel, me too I have TMJ but no pain. It was made after dental removal.

    Can you advise how you feeling in relation to Linchen Sclerosus ? Have you managed to put it in remission? Thanks

  3. Hi Rachel! I'm so happy you're making a series on TMJ/D now. I still have my clicking jaw because I don't have a doctor. I am in zero pain. The clicking started abruptly after many months of mewing incorrectly and putting stress on my jaw. I didn't realise that at all until one day I was talking with my chin resting on my knee and suddenly there was pain and I couldn't close my jaw for three days. After a few weeks the pain was gone but the clicking remained (it's on one side). That was a year ago. I was under the impression that I would need surgery, but am I hearing you say it's possible to recover through physio? I don't want my disc to degenerate. Is yours still degenerating or is it going to be okay now?

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