FSU Football & Clemson Preparing to LEAVE ACC?

A Conference Realignment rumor dropped this week on social media and it delivered a timeline for FSU Football, Clemson, and …


  1. If Clemson leaves the ACC, where over the last 10 years at least they've basically had nothing but Cup Cake competition by compairson, and if they say go to the SEC or Big 10 they'll go from being a dominant top team to a mediocre team at best!

  2. I believe Acc will break down .Everyone will be gone by 2024 or 2025 no exit fee
    Maybe the networks will pay the sec Big 10 and Big 12 a little extra money so acc teams can get out sooner then networks can make more money.

  3. B1G probably has more to gain by grabbing FSU than SEC and while SEC makes more logical “sense”, I believe teams like UF will do their best to block FSU.

  4. I would like to see 4 acc teams in Big 12 conference. Louisville Pitt NC State Virginia tech or some other team in the near future.Can the Acc have all early exit fees waived if all teams leave

  5. Nobody is leaving the ACC until the mid 2030s.
    John Swafford screwed the ACC by adding BE teams that haven’t accomplished a damn thing in the ACC!

  6. Buckeye fan here. I believe that the 4 + 4 Dissolution Scheme is the probable answer. The B1G, SEC, and the Big 12 should be able to promise a new home for at least eight ACC teams to facilitate the overthrow. I also think an agreement could be reached in a year as opposed to never-ending litigation.

    I’m going to share my perspective as a B1G guy as to which ACC teams might be attractive to us. I think you will be surprised.

    First, you need to understand how the B1G is approaching expansion. Rule #1 is that each deal has to be athletic-dollars additive. That is driven by TV dollars. When the B1G adds a team, every school’s share of revenue has to increase. For example, Duke has no chance in Hell of being invited to join the B1G.

    The B1G is going to want a recruiting footprint in Florida. We will be coming after FSU. I know you disagree. I suggest you take a look at their new president, who came from Harvard. He has ambitious plans, including achieving AAU status. He is going to want to be in the conference with the nerds not the jocks.

    The University of Miami is a maybe for the B1G. Miami is a major TV market, but UofM is only an R1 school.

    UVA and UNC fit the B1G academic profile, but I’m not sure they can clear the financial hurdle. Their media markets are mediocre at best. FOX will run the numbers, and then we will know. (I have trouble understanding why UNC sees themself as such a valuable asset. Football “drives the bus.”)

    Atlanta is the #5 media market. Georgia Tech might be a “dark horse,” when it comes to receiving an invitation from the B1G.

    Good work on your part. Thank you for putting numbers to the gameplan. This could work.

    The AAU teams in the ACC are UVA, UNC, Duke, GT, and Pitt.
    Dissolution of the ACC would force Notre Dame to review their independent status.

  7. It's not an immediate change. A slow change while not fun to wait for is best because it allows all parties to prepare for monetary gains and losses, scheduling, etc.

  8. Certainly seems like there is a lot of smoke for there not to be a fire. I love that Clemson and FSU have stuck together on this stuff. 3 of the last 10 national championships between the two… they are certainly stronger together. Feels like they want to get this going this year… it all depends on the chess match and how many schools want to try to save the ACC. If enough schools are ready to move.. it will happen. Does ESPN pull out the checkbook to save their investment in the ACC network and therefore save the conference? I dont know if thats in their best interest or not but you have to think that the pressure has never been higher for something to happen if it can.

  9. Ok folks my question, someone has to take the new GOR to court.
    So we can actually see what it says. Because u can not get a copy of it or take a picture of it, from my understanding where it is kept.
    So we need a discovery of the court doc before u can know for sure what is said in it.

    And yes u can find the old one on the internet, but not the addended one that all have signed. and yes FSU was the last to sign, so am hoping they got some kind of side deal on the reluctance of signing that did in writing.

    Also where is this 8 team vote at. i could not find it? i believe if that was the case on the 8 votes, then it would of already been done. So the GOR must be the hold up for sure. So FSU or somebody has to take the GOR to court so we (the fans) can see the real document.

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