Episode 9: How CBD Oil Eliminated the Pain and Stiffness of Arthritis

Leslea Kent is in the studio to talk about how switching from pharmaceutical painkillers like Aleve to CBD oil had a transformative …


  1. I juiced fresh marijuana leaves one time, drank some and froze the rest in ice cube trays.
    The effect was wonderful, I felt better than I have felt in years. Pain gone, energy up mood up!❤️

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  3. Some people shouldn't have free licence to talk about medicine!!! LSD is a very powerful tool to treat severe mental illness! Methamphetamine is Ritalin! Not a pleasant drug but it works!

  4. I was so mad about sleeping after & trying cbd oil for the first time, it didn’t work for me. Then I bought the most powerful version of Charlotte’s web & tried it, again absolutely no results. I asked all the customer support team, they said sometimes if starts working later on different individuals. After using it for a whole month. I still didn’t feel any effects, so I got sooo mad. I had like half the bottle of the extract left, this night I decided to drink up all of it & sleep. And I thought that if this doesn’t work then cbd oil is bull crap & not worth the hype at ALL!! At least for me it. So after taking half the bottle down with the most powerful version extract of Charlotte’s Web since nothing else seemed to work for me, which is why I chose the most powerful one. I woke up in the morning with even worst sleep I had at night even when I regularly would sleep without any medications. I was confused, didn’t understand if what I was seeing was still a dream or a reality? But it just felt sooo much real that my instincts always knew that this was real, yes I am awake! I felt like my eyes were inside my stomach & my head was having super difficulties to function. I felt like I was in Hell! I didn’t know how to wake up, but I was already awake. I started to hallucinate, started to trip the heck out & couldn’t realize what in the world has happened to me, am I dead?? I was trying to walk, but I kept hearing voices in my head. As if my relatives inside the house were following me & laughing at me while playing hide & seek with me & fooling around. I felt like I was being made fun of. I started to feel offended by this, but I was helpless to do anything about it. I tried to talking but words couldn’t come out of my mouth because my brain seemed like it wasn’t functioning. I tried to YELL, but only murmurs would come out of my mouth with gibberish speaking. I couldn’t control my speech. I was completely helpless, I felt like I was paralyzed at the same time inside a nightmare that I couldn’t wake up from because it was not a nightmare but real life. At the same time I felt like I had two heads, one inside my stomach & one where my actual head belonged & it felt as if my brain & consciousness belonged or became stuck inside my stomach but I could feel my second being from a smaller consciousness from my actual head. Then I started to realize myself being interfered with as if another soul or spirit was inside me at the same time & supposedly is telling me to do bad & evil things. Forcing me, trying to control me to do this bad thing or that bad things. I can’t remember what it was forcing me to do, but I remember being filled with evil thoughts in my head as if becoming tamed to forcefully do evil deeds while at the same time my own inner consciousness would fight to reject these evil thoughts with as much as power as I could have. I felt like I was literally in Hell by this point. I resisted, I resisted, kept on resisting to not do anything bad or evil, because it felt like I knew, that if I had let whatever was trying to control me or force me into doing evil things, then I would’ve sinked in & become drained by its very powerful & forceful demands. And possibly would have become possessed by something evil, there was so much going on that my faulty brain in this damned situation couldn’t even keep up or fight any longer because all my energies were being drained from fighting this thing so much in my subconscious mind, from resisting with everything I had trying to not be overtaken by it. So then, I collapse because of this, there was too much going on inside my head so I couldn’t take it anymore & basically it felt like I knocked out or overdosed or something yet I had no way or time to think in my head what if it was that freaking cbd oil that did this to me? I didn’t think about that at all!! But after I got restored & sobered up, went to the doctor & the doctor was saying that I took too much of that cbd oil, & potentially was overdosed or had overdose symptoms. And the doc said that this cbd hype is all bull crap, it’s this new trend that’s going around lying to the people just so they can make money on a new product that they call cbd oil. It’s all in the placebo effect of the human brain & makes you think as if this product helps with anxiety, stress, sleep disorders, but he said those are all lies in order to make it a miracle hype make bunches of money from all those victims who spread the news more to the public about this newly miracle cure for everybody’s dreadful situations in life!! This got me really angered! So I said to myself, FUCK CBD OIL from now on!!!!! Yet again it still questions me when people say it, how it truly helps them? Now I’m at a point of being confused about this cbd oil stuff, is it only me that this doesn’t work on?!

  5. Canntrust CBD Oil NFG. …I tried Pheonix Tears CBD way better. I suffer from severe arthritis. Fatigue low energy…I think sufferers of OA need higher THC level.

  6. I live in the UK and we are not allowed to have anything stronger than CBD hemp oil I have fibromyalgia I take pain meds but would like to be able to come off them. We can't buy anything with THC in it. So sad.

  7. Does anyone know if this can help with the after affects of radiation i know someone who is in a shocking state and the only pain relief is morphine and does the oil heal better , blessings ps i hate these docters who lie or are just plain dumd

  8. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  9. High potency CBD oil works better than Rick Simpson oil. I've had arthritis for forty years. I have severe chronic pain, severe spine issues, and have been disabled for 13 years, and on opiates for 15 years. I bought the high potency kind, 1500 mg/oz strength.
    The changes I experienced in just two days was phenomenal. It is a more powerful anti-inflammatory than prednisone. Before I started using CBD oil I could barely bend my fingers to use my two canes. In just two days I could make a tight fist. A week on prednisone couldn't do that. It is such a great pain killer I'm weaning myself off the opiates. I don't need them anymore. I'm getting my life back, and I feel human for the first time in years.
    I'll be using this the rest of my life. So thankful I tried it!

    I was wondering if you know of a recovery story where the person had their cirhossis of the liver stage 3 with Hepatic Encephalopathy reversed by CBD oil use. So far I have come across Mr. Steve Danks story but with he also had liver cancer though he mentions that the scarring also went away but I don't know if CBD oil would do that for cirhossis alone.

  11. I just started taking  Charlotte's Web CBD  hemp oil .3% THC  for Rheumatoid Arthritis….in much pain hope it helps.  I'm  In NC and can't get higher THC…..

  12. I have just today, began to use CBD oil having received a free sample to try first. I was told to rub it into my gum and then on my tongue and administer to the back of my front teeth but the lingering taste and aroma is awful.
    Is there any other way I can use the oil without having to endure the aftertaste?
    I'm schedule to have the first knee replacement operation in March, the second on the other knee, next year so I'm looking for relief from the excruciating pain in both knees and hoping the oil will do this.
    So, if there is any other way to take this oil besides orally, I would love to know and thank you in advance.

  13. Neck pain as well as disintegrating discs in my back have already been an issue for me. Arthritis is also a problem I have. This arthritis treatment “Rοngοdο Ruzο” (Google it) helps me eliminate the pain on my neck, back, and sides. This helps me do my daily work without disruptions. It also helps if you eat foods that do not cause irritation.

  14. When you mentioned 5 daily doses how many mg per dose? My mother suffers from RA and chronic nerve pain. She's given a heavy regimen if pain killers and still deals with a lot of pain. I have access to cbd in South Florida but any specific product you might recommend? Thank you for your time

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