Easy to Misunderstand the Behavior of a Person with Traumatic Brain Injury

Interpreting the behavior of someone with TBI can be like trying to interpret the words of someone speaking a foreign language.


  1. It is ruining my career and my life and I cant fix my issues no matter how mich i try to be normal and no matter how much slef help and meditation and self groeth and affirmations I do i just make the same mistakea over and over since my 2019 concussion

  2. I’m noticing people in the comments with tbi’s. My question is why can their behavior turn abusive and manipulative? If I had to guess its based in the desire of wanting to connect be loved and valued and told you have worth and feel understood paired with the belief that isn’t possible. So basically the same struggle we all face just a taller harder to climb mountain.

  3. I found this very moving and informative especially coming from a fellow very frustrated brain injury patient. I’m so tired of doctors medical gaslighting me and not affirming my brain injury (I had a brain tumor surgery) but trying to pin it on my mental health

  4. It's nice to feel validated about everything that's going on with me. I bewilder everyone around me, but to me it makes perfect sense. Hopefully I can get them to understand, or find a place I fit well.

  5. I wish my family would watch this video… reading the comments make me realize a lot of us feel the same and i don't feel so alone thank you!

  6. This made me think about how I sometimes watch clips over and over and repeatedly forget to pay attention. I don't mind taking longer to get it ????It saves data lol.
    I'm trying to connect a lot of what's tbi and what's what from that. I don't consciously think about certain things that maybe are not functional and due to tbi. It's weird because I only know what I know, so I have to figure it all out. Stimulants and thc can both really help that process because they allow me to be more functional and see the difference in myself and reality. I only really know myself with tbi lol. I have to figure out what I'm even looking for. It seems like maybe that process for me has been what you're talking about with awareness issues.
    Valuable video. Thanks.

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