1. I'm hoping the Governor of EYEAWA gets fired by someone or dig another skeleton out of her closet. She's got 3 OWIs and won't let our Cannibidiol program go anywhere or improve at all.

  2. If anyone sees the videos on the children convulsing, and the Parkinson patients before and after using marijuana it should change the mind of any normal human being.

  3. I am cripple, but I plan t0 m0ve t0 C0l0rad0 t0 get treatment. G0t a disease kn0wn as F.S.P. Famile0l Spastic Paraplegia, and I'm p0sitive Cannabis can cure this disease……. Help w0uld be appreciated……

  4. Call it CANNABIS marijuana is a name given by the government to demonize it. That term actually has its roots in a racist comment made in the 30s. Not to be a" know its all" but people want to take this seriously then we should call this medicine by its medicinal team and that's cannabis not marijuana.

  5. The types of people that oppose cannabis:

    1. The Religious: Those who have never read Genesis 1:11, 1:29, and 9:3 or just ignore them.

    2. The Ultra-Conservative: Those who want alcohol and/or tobacco to be illegal also. Generally, just those who are anti-freedom.

    3. The Sheep: Those who just do as they are told without question and think the government knows what's best for them.

    4. The Over Protective Parent: Those who don't want it in the hands of children, yet they probably have alcohol and prescription drugs in the fridge or cupboard, not realizing that they can kill their children and cannabis cannot.

    5. The Ignorant: Those who think that it can kill you; and those who think it has no medicinal value even though it has an LD50 of between 1:20,000-1:40,000 and we have things like Marinol and U.S. Patent #6630507. Also, those that think smoking cannabis is the only way to ingest it.

    6. The Idiot: Those who aren't intelligent enough to realize that something that can't kill you (cannabis) is unequivocally less dangerous than something that can kill you (alcohol, cocaine, crack, heroin, meth, caffeine, nicotine, prescription drugs).

    7. The A**hole: Those who don't want to admit that they have been wrong all these years and/or have punished someone for it.

    8. The Pig: Those who enjoy depriving humans of their life, liberty, happiness, loved ones, and possessions over non-violent victimless acts such as possessing an all-natural and 100% non-lethal plant. Also, anyone who benifeits from asset forfeiture. Cops, judges, prosecutors.

    9. The Greedy: Those who stand to lose money if it was legalized nationally. Cops, judges, prosecutors, cartels, the private prison system, oil companies, big Pharma, lumber industries, alcohol companies, tobacco companies, etc.

    10. The Hypocrites: Those who think it makes you dumb, yet they will never be as intelligent as Carl Sagan; those who think it makes you lazy, yet will never be as physically adept as Micheal Phelps; and those who think it makes people worthless, yet will never be as talented as their favorite musician.

    11. The Nosy: Those who want it to stay illegal because they don't like the smell of it. Even though by that logic we should outlaw cooking meat because vegans don't like the smell of burning flesh. They probably think we should outlaw farts and water treatment plants, too.

    12. The Gateway theorists: Those that think it is a gateway drug. If that's true, Willie Nelson has some explaining to do. Also, curiosity is the only gateway drug.

    Feel free to add a category!

  6. Honestly it is a ridicules question.  Marijuana can be a medicine and to ask the question is to try and deny it is.  Now for me it is just plan fun and I see no reason why someone who has no idea who I am or what my goals in life are, to apply a label to me and state I am this because I do this.  I have an aunt who was dying from leukemia and just could not eat.  Nausea medications did not work.  My father went to see his sister as they were there to hear the bad news she is going to die because she cannot eat and the medications are killing her.  Right then my farther said "Well I bet this will make her hungry" and he pulled out  a joint lite it took a big fat hit held it and told my aunt "Don't take that much yet" and blew out his hit turned to the doctor and said go get her some dinner.  The doctor was less than thrilled, but guess what, that was about 18 years ago, the leukemia went into remission and I spent last year at my aunts for Christmas!!  So stop living your life with people who do not know you or pretend to care about you from a distance by creating laws to protect you from yourself.  We don't need (although I am all for it) to legalize marijuana, the stuff I get is better than what they produce and if (hopefully not) I were to ever get caught telling the government or anyone else that thinks they are going to tell me what to do with my person, for SMOKING POT, guess what I will win in court because it is my FUCKING GOD GIVEN RIGHT, not granted to me by some satanic, paganistic religion created by the papacy but by the truth written in the bible that is not taught by religion. So go ahead make your judgments upon me for speaking the truth, I really don't care, but what I can say is after this is written and sent I will be smoking a big fat joint, as my right to myself.

    Also guess what Marijuana is defined as Cannabis Sativa……so grow indicia because it is not Marijuana!!!  Nay fuck them grow what!! 

  7. THC is important, sometimes, CBD, sometimes, other parts of the plant, sometimes. However, if I'm taking it to cure cancer, I want the whole plant in oil form. RSO. 

  8. Yeah Doc you need to check yourself sir, THC is the most medicinal cannabinoid there is in cannabis, and its called cannabis, not marijuana. And the whole plant is where its at 🙂   

    SSgt Mark DiPasquale USMC Medically Retired

  9. The policeman informing the doctors about the 50 years of marijuana science…?  Politicians and these doctors certainly are NOT leading the way as professionals.  And we're suppose to trust them?  <arghhhhh!>

  10. Look at this snake. He is OK with "non psychoactive" but the second THC gets involved he is against it. THC is medicine idiot. Also, why is it so bad for someone who is suffering or in distress to have the option to "feel good"? Medicine now is less beneficial than it was in 1930.

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