Breathwork & Psychedelics for Mental Health w/ Dr. Geoff Lecovin

Dr. Geoff Lecovin shares strategies to improve mental and emotional health with breathing techniques and Psychedelics. Support …


  1. I love seeing people advocate for psycedelics for mental health. Macro dosing has a far greater impact on depression and self reflection/change. Facing your ego can be scary but cery humbling to see your self for who you really are without the vale of ego blinding you.

  2. natural solutions from nature that have thousands of years of documented usage worldwide and are there for a reason V Big Pharma product produced for profit and relatively new with massive documented negative side effects. Not a difficult choice for me

  3. It's now 4-15-23 as of this writing/Listening.
    Where,…other than JohnsHopkins can one get involved in the US for a study,…or just simply to be treated with getting arrested?

    Anyone with TRUE data/knowledge give me an answer?

  4. I wonder if this would help my panic disorder. I've had it on and off my whole life. Only thing that worries me is having a bad trip and then panicking the whole time.

  5. Very interesting conversation! I have been diving into breath work a lot recently and I can say wow, it is really a life changer. I actually was dealing with extreme anxiety and started to have panic attacks and that’s when I found Wim Hof Breathing and meditation. Both of those absolutely changed my life and I am SO GRATEFUL to have found this stuff! I think everyone should know this stuff and be taught it in school it’s that life changing! Fantastic podcast btw I learned some new things here.

  6. There's a lot of potential in psychedelics, I can't wait to try any of them mushroom specifically but it's just so hard to find a reliable source over here, l'll be glad if anyone can be of help

  7. Yeah but what if you go on a mushroom trip with ur fam / spouse and you end up hating each other and not healing.. is it always healing you know ?

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