Beshear makes Kentucky history, signs medical marijuana bill into law

State lawmakers gave final passage to a bill to legalize access to medical cannabis for people suffering from a defined list of …


  1. plants cannot be taxed,
    Cannabis is a natural plant.
    Men and women have the right to use any natural remedy to their discretion .
    You must all in prohibition at once .
    Stop being slaves to the system .

  2. It’s funny how people use slang words in official business.
    It’s called cannabis ,
    or in ancient times
    kannah Bosm.
    It’s almost like saying, we just freed these crackers from enslavement, even though they’re just Caucasian technically
    Or why don’t we just say,
    we freed the “N” words .
    You’re all perpetrating a fraud .
    Think about alcohol during prohibition .
    After they legalized it, they didn’t say we legalized “spirits”
    They said they legalized alcohol .
    Stop using slang for proper nouns . Idiots………

  3. This is bullshit the government is petty af. Pass a bill but it don't take affect for 2 years its medical ( medican) you dumb fucks joe biden and obama sucks big black fat dicks i no carp lip obama really does

  4. People needs to understand that gotta have time to set shit up ! It might be until 2025 but for a state like Kentucky! Everyone made history yesterday! So don’t fucking complain! We’re grateful, we’ve gotten this far people!! Go Kentucky!!

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