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  1. What do you think about a contributing (or sensitizing) role for eg salsolinol or phenylethylamine in Parkinsons? A lot of foods produce them as they age, cacao and banana in particular. Wonder if and how they interact with leaky gut, microbiome issues, or already compromised environments.

  2. If a person had too much zinc over years and caused a copper deficiency, do the tendons heal over time if corrected? How long would the healing/repair take? Should a person do exercises to help healing? (Diastatis recti, falling arch & bunion development in one foot). Not taking anything like copper or any supplements, just stopped zinc. (Don't understand how people are asking you questions & they don't show up here…?)

  3. What a priviledge? What is good for UTI and pain. Been to the hospital and gave a bottle orange to drink. Afraid to take cause of chemicals. Thank you for this oportunity. ????

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