30 Day Challenge, Day 16; Paul Greene: Let's talk about death

day 16/30 it is so pointless to live your life based on what other people think about you, because they are not. Very few people will …


  1. Wisdom in this. My husband and I lost our youngest son in September, 2021. We are very believing in there is hope and love on the other side. It has changed our family, our lives, our outlook on our mortal existence. Life is too short. Love today and give love to those around you. Cherish your family time. Nothing is promised.

  2. ????
    I'm sorry, but
    NO, NO, NO.

    This is SO against God, Whom you seem to sing about and TO on Sundays.
    (And at least from the lyrics of the songs you choose, Paul, one would guess God is a person you aim to follow and trust)

    If He is NOT, then PLEASE do not continue with worship and gospel songs.
    If you do this only to appeal to people and get more followers,

    This is NOT instructing people in Truth.
    This is NOT the way of the Lord.

    You are influencing MANY people.
    In this short video clip, you're encouraging people to "Do what feels right" and not to give a rip what others think.

    Though it be true things ought not be done for the reason of what others think, it is SO WRONG and SO against God just to "do what feels right."

    This is the very reason our world is disintegrating.
    One by one, person by person.
    Instead of choosing to abide in God, people are living for THEMSELVES.

    Every single choice we make should have God at the center.
    What HE thinks matters.
    We are NOT to go with "what FEELS right."
    This is EXACTLY how we are lead astray.

    I pray to God your eyes are opened to the Truth.
    I pray that getting more followers and people to like you will not be what leads you.
    I pray those who admire you (such as myself) would speak boldly with Truth and Grace.

    May God reveal Himself to you in such a REAL WAY that you would recognize what is RIGHT and TRUE.

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