1. Facts how would a person feels when you smoke a marijuana  or do cannabis can a any age guy still can smack a females face like the females to do a has a guy face ? Good question maybe should be happening this way you know who going to be end up in the hospital frist you think its rigjt for a person way to say it ? Then why you said its ok for a person to smoke week ? Well got a real answer for that since your life cant be replaced ! It not a trick qeustion .

  2. Notice how it’s only old ass white people who oppose the legislation of marijuana Lmao everyone else just chill with it but I’m pretty sure it will pass

  3. This lets you now that this is a racist law against a people that the government thought only one group of people partook in this plant. So they did everything they could to criminalize it no matter how safe it was it was an easy trap for police to in-trap black people because they know this was one of the things that was used in our neighborhoods . And they still don’t want to legalize it because they still feel like they want to keep their foot and their knees on our necks . Has nothing to do with anything else, they know this is not a drug and they know it is not harmful. It is a plant, a flower, a botanical. No one has ever died from taking part in this ritual.

  4. i imagine it was a piece of cake finding super naive marylanders. the problem with dope is clowns will get high in the Best Buy parking lot and then drive a car and if there's one thing the africans have shown us over and over is that their apologies don't clear the bank….

  5. How is marijuana more dangerous than fentanyl please tell me if you even inhale or touch fentanyl YOU DIE
    If you touch mari nothing happens
    But if you inhale mari you get high
    And float float on I'd rather float float float on????????????????????????????????‍♀️

  6. How well did Prohibition work. At this point Maryland should be trying to increase sales tax revenue and decrease a criminal source of funding. Either do it now or lose out to Pennsylvania and Delaware in a few years.

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