Win a month's supply of CBD Dog Treats from Super Pups and Design Wellness

WIN A FREE MONTH’S SUPPLY OF CBD DOG TREATS? Design Wellness and Super Pups CBD have teamed up to give away …


  1. Stay away from companies like "Design Wellness" for CBD/THC they are the reason CBD and THC pricers are so high avoid the middle man! go right to the farms and mom and pop shops!

    ***is the culmination of years of experience in the legal cannabis industry by co-founders Jay Frentsos and Patrick Kilcoyne. After venturing West from Ohio and Massachusetts respectively, Jay and Patrick met just as the “Green Rush” was taking over California and beyond, with a mission to educate consumers and help people discover the health benefits of legal cannabis. After helping start a top California dispensary (Urbn Leaf), an industry-changing merchant processing platform (MTrac Tech), and a legal cannabis consulting company (Bird Rock Advisors) specializing in new media marketing, our co-founders set their sights on combining these expertises to accomplish a new goal: Help as many people as possible by providing access to world-class CBD products, accompanied by quality education, at an affordable price. The world of CBD can be overwhelming, with lots of buzzwords, gimmicks, and poor quality products on the market, which is why Design Wellness stands by the motto…

    the true goal is to profit of you

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