Will Smith & Chris Rock: Greg Grunberg (Star Wars) on Oscars, Son's Epilepsy & CBD – Ask Dr. Drew

Greg Grunberg is an activist and actor who has appeared in Alias, Heroes, and in two Star Wars movies. After his son Jake was …


  1. Nobody even knows if Chris was aware of Jada's hair loss illness. I did not know as I am sure millions of people are not aware of Jada's hair loss illness. Plus I do not feel Chris was being hateful, hurtful or intended to hurt Jada or anybody. Geez

  2. It’s a Skin condition! I have vitalago, BFD! She is not courageous. She screws her son’s friends! This actor is a perfect example of why Dr. Drew should do this show alone. Puke!

  3. #1: Does ANYONE believe Smith was in a rational state of mind in the height of his episode?
    #2: Can we agree he was not in his "reasonable" mind?
    #3 Can we agree there were outside psychological influences before he left his house?
    #4: Two other FEMALE comics made two specific jokes that humiliated him on the world stage.
    #5: Rock's joke was about G.I. Jane MILITARY (Bad-ass) appearance (I might add is an attractive look, She wears it well), not a direct Alopecia attack, a filler joke. a 4 out of 10 joke.
    #6: Can we all agree Will Smith had a medically diagnosable breakdown, A nervous breakdown, an Emotional breakdown?
    Not excusable actions, but Does It Not explain the multiple facets of a mental breakdown.
    Just the Facts, Ma'am.

  4. Seemed impossible, but it’s been over 7 months and I don’t crave a drop of alcohol, the KEY difference was that I didn’t suffer withdrawal, not even within the first 30 days after I actually applied what I talked about. No need for AA meetings or meds either, I just luckily go’ogled Steffon Barkload’s latest, man, wish I had done it sooner.

  5. For people who condone wills behavior, can we slap all the people who make fun of bald/balding men? Or slap those who make fun of people including celebrities like Elizabeth Holmes, Michael Jackson, Alec Baldwin, Donald trump? Seriously think about it. And alopecia is not racial. It can be caused by tight hairstyles.. and maybe that could have a cultural slant but there are many types of alopecia. Men know it better than anyone. So next time you make fun of a man losing his hair, beware the slap.

  6. Drew makes fun of people with neurological disorders REGULARLY. Not sure if the guest has ever seen that unwatchable show called Your Mom's House? They all make money off of exploiting people with the most devastating medical conditions. Laughs and mocks them before diagnosing them on youtube! I don't know how that's allowed. Callous and inhumane.

  7. Why is everyone trying to reationalize Will's behavior- he should be discipline, probably arrested If you're angry- USE YOUR WORDS- it worked for my 4 yr old

  8. He was great in heroes, but more importantly I believe he was the player character in Condemned: Criminal Origins a phenomenal action adventure game classic of the early 2000s.
    I know hes done a lot of stuff but that's my favorite I think.

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