What to Do With Marijuana Crop Leftovers After Harvesting

A reader wants to know how to use weed stems and‌ stalks that are left over after harvesting marijuana. Here are some …


  1. Thank you for being quick and to the point. I really appreciate it, this type of quick and informative content is very rare to come by now a days.

  2. I want to like your video but it has 420 likes… I subscribed and I’ll come back later to like it if someone else ruins that perfect like number. Great video!

  3. Thanks for the help, I’ve been deoxycarbating and making fruit and weed smoothies, the cbd content isn’t very much but I combine with Kratom and it’s amazing

  4. My friend removed the leaves 3 days ago and their sitting in bag is it still good to use? He says he used some chemicals during grow (Superbloom A and B, Floranova grow) is it safe to consume the plant?

  5. I clicked on here cause I had a question on can I use to make medical honey or would it be a waste of time we just pulled up our crops and hate ta waste???? thank you so much ..

  6. Dear Cheri, I have heard that you can also use the cannabis root to make CBD only teas and lotions, but I can find very little info on the issue. How do you do it? Is it the same process as making RSO? Thank you in advance for your reply.

  7. I disagree, if the fan leaves and stalk are processed using the Jeff420Chef clean up method, then a relatively large amount of biomass can be infused into the butter, without much more than a slightly nutty tasting (though deep green) butter. I've tasted rice crispy square made from cannabis stalk infusions with Olive oil, and they are potent.
    It is true, absolutely, that it is extra work, but if you want to use all of plant, it is an excellent strategy to be able to harvest before the final stage of maturation.

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