Hello beautiful people and welcome back to my channel. Today I’m going to be talking about questions asked about pnes.


  1. sinuses, because lights bother you and sensitive to light and if you have pressure above your eyes. I have sinuses, petty mal seizures to sounds like you have those, you stare out, that's a petty mal seizures.
    can you tell when you start having some facial ticks do you have signs that you do little bit of this or that
    then you have seizures. can you tell when its coming on and start with that then you have seizures.

  2. Oh and yes u can get ssi for PNES…
    That's what i got ssi for originally..
    Then later epilepsy a stroke hypertension and diabetes and my heart mummer fot added on

  3. Wow ???? we are a like.. I have both PNES & Epilepsy… I take keppra 4x a day depakote 3xs ethosexomide 2xs these are for my absence seizures.. I take 300mg of Seroquel I take latuda 20mg 1x a day … Oh then 12units of humalin R. @ each meal and 16 units of bagular @ night diabetic type 1
    My cycle throws me too or any time i have a cold the flu or allergies

  4. Growing up seizure were something I had seen in movies , something they taught about in school and something I never thought would become a part of my life. Fortunately I did not for many years. I was able to graduate from high school and start college at Vanderbilt University, However during my freshman year I began to have what was eventually diagnosed as simple seizures,up to 20 times a day I'll start blinking rapidly and hear strange noises. These seizure were often brought on by loud sounds such as airplanes flying overheads or starting a hair dryer, after several tests including PET seans etc, I was diagnosed with Epilepsy and after trying several different medications I found one that healed my seizure when I was going through YouTube and I read a lots of blogs were people who shared their testimonies kept mentioning joyherbalhealinghome I searched for the website and just followed the email address, luckyly for me when I got a message from Doctor joy, we talked and she sent me her Natural herbal medicine in not less than two months I was already cured because of the changes i was seeing within a period of 5months I was cured totally forever. I went back to my doctor for check up and I was marked Epilepsy free. If you need help you can contact this herbal doctor on her email joyherbalhealinghome@gmail.com or Whatsapp 08116004247.

  5. My daughter has epilepsy. I find it interesting that whether a person has epilepsy, or pnes, or something else, their seizures can all look similar. My daughter also has grand mal seizures, as well as absence, gelastic, dacrystic, and focal seizures. Have you tried diets to help with your seizures? Our daughter is on a low sugar, high fat diet now, which has been helpful.

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