1. Every single video this girl goes on a huge spiel about how quirky and different Korea is, and goes on to explain something America has done for generations.

  2. Fuck Korea they don’t like black people and they all the same never forget Pearl Harbor we are going to destroy China and North Korea fuck the South Koreans they all have to go USA USA USA

  3. Getting imprisoned for five years for smoking some herb on vacation is nuts. Waste of tax payers money to lock up what would probably just be a normal hard working citizen. Not to mention the amount of tourists they've definitely stopped from entering the country.

  4. CBD is literally the snake oil of our century, it cures literally every ailment according to everyone. Cures paralysis, scoliosis, cancer, diabetes, etc. just everything tbh. I truly can’t believe this fad is still going but than again there are people who think eating rhino horns will fix their ED.

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