Tracking Issue 4: Recreational marijuana in Arkansas

If passed, Issue 4 would legalize marijuana for recreational use for people 21 and over, allowing them to possess up to one ounce …


  1. .:::====>Legalize cannabis federally within each and every single state now and make it the law of the land across America. Just like alcohol. This way, irrational prohibitionist politicians can't continue to stubbornly obstruct and prevent legalization within their individual home states, against the will of the vast majority of Americans whom support the full federal legalization of cannabis nationwide. Treat cannabis exactly like we treat far more dangerous and deadly yet perfectly legal alcohol. Completely legal in all states across the entire U.S.A. Just like alcohol

  2. American corruption in its finest: Cigarettes and Alcohol are addictive and cause over 9 million deaths per year globally, but not illegal. Why? Lobby. Marijuana is not that good, but miles away from the issues caused by “legal” substances.

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