Tommy Chong: "Prison Gave Me Cancer, Treating with Hemp Oil"

06/10/2012 RUN FROM THE CURE: The Rick Simpson Story Tommy Chong, …


  1. if you want your cancer to go away,raise your ph level to 8.0 every other month,using apple cider vinegar,for one month and baking soda the next month,cancer can't live in a high alkalized environment,it dies without oxygen and sugar,it loves sugar,read the other material,not big pharma

  2. Did lemonhead make it through the interview without proclaiming racism or calling Tommy a racist at some point? These days it's the first thing that spews when his hole opens. A perfect fit with cnn!

  3. People really don't understand how powerful psychedelics are. My first addiction was cannabis, it was an easy addiction to overcome but it was definitely a real psychological addiction.
    Treading into deeper water with psilocybin and DMT proved to be nothing less than a full fledged spiritual awakening that has changed my life for the better in every regard.

    I don't plan on ever visiting those levels again, but use cannabis for depression every now and then. Funny how the drugs that are actually beneficial are locked up and categorized with meth and heroin, but up until recently you could get hundreds of oxycodone and xanax from your doctor, and end up with a physical addiction so horrific you would honestly take death over the feeling.

  4. Chong would say pot is pot mannn. We don't need the government saying that there pot is good and ours isn't.. There's different types of reefer. I agree..

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