The Hindu Daily News Analysis || 27th February 2023 || UPSC Current Affairs || Mains & Prelims '23

Prestroming Batch VI …


  1. Prestroming Batch VI –

    In this video, we have discussed the essential news articles from different editions of "The Hindu" News Paper. This video decodes relevance of each article by comprehensively linking with UPSC syllabus, background for the article, present context, and 360-degree analysis of each article for UPSC Prelims and Mains dimensions.

    At the end of the video, a Practice-cum-Revision session on UPSC Previous/Model MCQs is available, and Model/Previous Mains Questions are discussed/given for your practice.

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    ►►Introduction – 00:00

    ►►List of Topics – 00:52

    1. Who will benefit from the UPI-PayNow link? (Sunday Paper – 26-02-2023) – 01:00

    2. Are neutrinos their own anti-particles? (Sunday Paper – 26-02-2023) – 05:03

    3. Mosquitoes (Sunday Paper – 26-02-2023) – 09:09

    4. Reducing pain (Editorial) – 19:33

    5. Are menstrual leave policies implemented globally? – 19:33

    6. ‘Google LLC didn’t share crucial details to track down Wonder Loan app creators’ – 26:45

    7. The sophisticated anatomy of heat waves – 29:35

    8. eSanjeevani is a great boon, shows power of digital India: Modi – 33:58

    9. SC asks govt. what it has done to end manual scavenging – 36:00

    10. Prelims Practice Questions – 39:40

    11. Mains Practice Questions – 44:33

    Important topics such as #Neutrinos #UPI #PayNow #Malaria #MenstrualPainLeave #DigitalLending #eSanjeevani #ManualScavenging #HeatWave #TheHindunewspaperanalysis #DailyCurrentAffairs #USPC #IAS #UPSC #Currentaffairs #UPSCCurrentAffairs #UPSCCSE2023 #upsc #thehinduanalysis #currentaffairstoday #DailyNewsSimplified #UpscThehindunewspaper #Currentaffairsforupsc #thehindutoday #Thehindutodayanalysis #TheHindueditoral #Thehindunewstoday #Currentaffairstoday #CurrentAffairsUPSCAnalysis are vividly discussed in UPSC Civil Services Exam Perspective in this video, with a special Practice cum Revision session in the end.

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  2. I think the answer is option ( D) i.e all the statements mentioned is correct.
    Particle accelerators as well as Nuclear reactors do produce astronomical number of neutrinos, even banana, a fruit emits it as it contains potassium in it( natural radioactive substance)

  3. guys i m new in upsc journey , i want to ask that is it a good plateform for current affair , i m very much confused about current affair strategy , plz suggest

  4. @Shankar IAS Academy , in the official website of department of energy , govt of india . it has been mentioned that neutrinos are most abundant in universe , but in video it is said 2nd most abundant , could u please clarify my doubt .

  5. Thank you so much sir for holistic discussion
    ????️UPI 123 is a payment system for non smart phone users .They can make payment without internet safe and secure way
    ????️Quiz questions
    In statement 1 neutrinos comes from sun and other star,cosmic rays or it can produced in labs
    Statement 1 incorrect
    Option c 2&3 are correct

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