The Funniest Comedian You Need to Know, Craig Conant | EP 115 | The Jason Ellis Show

We found Craig Conant laying on the front lawn and invited him in for a hilarious episode of The Jason Ellis Show. Füm Create …


  1. Would Katie be down to be interviewed and tell stories of her life, perhaps called a segment ………box talk ……….about her wild stories of her life. ????????????☀️☀️

  2. Is there any hopes of you guys doing more then one show weekly ? I love the show been listening since back in the Sirius xm days I’d love to see ya guys extend the duration and hopefully do an additional show ! Hell give us the members options so we can subscribe and fuel the project/podcast !

  3. All right I’m gonna say something. Cats pleasure kill. This is a necessity in the wild but not in a domesticated pet. You could feed a cat all the food you could still it’ll go outside and murder Tweety birds and squirrels and whatever I can get it’s little nailed mittens on. Personally I’m not a fan of cats.

  4. I'm waiting for smartphone younger people to stop acting like nihilism is somehow new or revolutionary…. Tim Dillon wouldn't last 2 seconds in the post-war world he "wants".

  5. Dude’s!! Y’all are killing it! Craig is absolutely hilarious ???????? Please make him a monthly guest like Catherwood and Dingo used to come in special days of the week. Shredding ????????????????????????????✌????????????

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