The Day in the Life of Someone with Petit Mal Seizures

Hi! I apologize for video quality and the awkwardness but this is just a brief video to shed light on my life as someone with petit mal …


  1. My best friend has these and I love that you are sharing! She struggles with them and telling people and I am trying to learn a little more about what she experiences. She does have pretty frequent episodes though. When she started not taking her medication her seizures acted up but she is doing so much better. Thank you again for sharing appreciate this!

  2. What medication do you take ? I had them since 12 as well and I'm 26 now. Take two meds, and had only three grand mal, but there were all alcohol and smoking induced. So be careful

  3. I take Lamictal.Unfortunately my petit mal seizures are horrible. I was having one today with my granddaughters. It scared me so bad. I shouldn't be babysitting either. In church i was having a bad one. My eyes felt like they were flicking back and forth really bad and i forgot everyone names. I have only had one grand mal. But i fell out once on the side of the road with my seven year old granddaughter. I have no idea if it was grand or petit mal. I screamed in agony when i woke in the ambulance. But my petit mals really do effect me terribly and are quite scary. I really shouldn't drive especially with my granddaughters but i have to get around. Mine started when i got pregnant with my first child. I hate them so bad. They make my life so miserable. I took dilantin years ago, now Lamictal. I just keep my faith and trust in God.

  4. I use to have them from when i was 9-20, when i hit 14 to 20 it was real bad. I was having like 8 of them a day. So one summer i went out with my best friends and he pulled out a joint, i never liked drugs never wanted to do them but i heard nothing but good things about it so i smoked it with him and havent had a seizure since. Thank god. I hope you get better. If u haven't smoked. Try it. Not lying, take a big rip you will instantly be focused and done with them. Atleast it did for me

  5. I used to have petit mal epilepsy when I was young and really affected my education as I would be constantly zoning out in class so i totally understand you, plus I have had one grand mal seizure in my life too

  6. Hun, I have the exact kind of seizures that you do. 24 years ago I was hit in the head by my high-school boyfriend; even though it was an accident, it'll last the rest of my life. Believe me, you DON'T need to be driving. I've had maybe 4,5 or 6 accidents
    (I can't remember because of brain surgery) but you should be more careful and live your life to be able to become an old woman who had a great life with a huge family, not a young lady who died so young because she wasn't careful with the way she was living and not protecting herself. I know how it is and I know how you would feel having to have help living, but at leat you would be able to see, hear, walk and talk. I hope you listen and take what I've told you into consideration. You're in my prayers and I wish you the best.

  7. I have petite Mal and grand Mal. I have only had about 3 big ones in my life. I was diagnosed when I was 3 or 4. I completely understand the zoning out.

  8. I as well have petit mal seizures. I understand where you are coming from on where you can feel that ours are insignificant. Sometimes I feel the same way even though I hate to say it or feel it. When my friends found out that I had epilepsy, they only thought that it meant convulsing on the floor and so they said to me, " why don't you ever have a seizure when we are out?". they don't realize that I can be having one right next to them and they don't even notice.

  9. Just so u know if you have seizures and you are told by the doctor not to drive and you to and you have an accident and kill someone it’s call voluntarily man slaughter.. my mom has them and even though you feel they are small it only takes a second for something to happen even when your driving so please remember that????

  10. Thanks for the video, this helps a lot! I'm interested in what goes through one's mind during an episode and how frequently episodes happen on average? I started experiencing petit mal at age 41 and estimate it occurs (on average) about 5 times per year. Each episode lasts about 10 seconds. My mind isn't completely blank, but my "thoughts" are hard to describe. It's like remembering dreams and memories that are deeply buried in my conscious. Sometimes I feel a few seconds of depression as the episode ends. My father experienced these too.

  11. I have grand mal and just figured out I’m having petit mal and they both suck! Complain all you want!!! 🙂 but you shouldn’t drive against your doctors wishes. It’s not safe!

  12. I have petit mal too. I take lamotrigine, clobazam, and Valproic acid plus an anxiety pill and a folic acid vitamin.

    I was born with it, I’m 22 but wasn’t diagnosed till 13 so my elementary school experience wasn’t good. My clobazam pills and lamotrigine pills controlled them partially. They made me aware of them. I remember in grade 11, going down the stairs to class once (being the first person on the stairs) and I had one. When it finished, I was so scared and ran into the classroom freaked out since someone could’ve pushed me. I had tried so many pills Keppra was probably one of the worst.

    My brother also has seizures, he has grand mal and his trigger is old tv screens.

  13. I have that thing too but my doctor thinks I don't have it. My doctor is just dumb. I had so many things the last 3 years and had to go to a special doctor to let me diagnos me for real.

    I know to diagnose is important and stuff but to have doctors like that.. last year my chest hurt so many times a week and they did nothing then meds.. the meds didn't help.. I have to take painkillers but that will make it worse. Anyway my sister works in a pharmacy and she thinks I have petit mal seizures. I told that my doctor and he was like "nahh this is normal everyone has those little ticks"

    My hand ticks every week maybe twice. And my head and body today was like freeking out. I was tires af. And my sister always snaped her fingers in front of me when I had blacked out for a few seconds.
    I sometimes forget things so fast. Idk.
    Anyway. Lets see what happends..

  14. hello my name is Sophie and I have absence seizures as well. I was diagnosed at the age of 5 but have been seizure free since the age of thirteen and so was taken of meds which caused massive weight gain a hand tremor and memory loss. The point is meds are good up until a point an then it becomes a pill no pun intended. my triggers are flashing lights, specifically the transition from the out doors to inside a classroom getting too hot and recently sleep deprivation. typical Petit Mal Seizures last 1-10 seconds my seizuers were rare in that they last one second.this fact maybe hard to believe but it is true.
    The effects of my epileptic seizures is that i have Aspie like tendencies due to my epilepsy which i know is difficult to understand to put it in simple terms as a result of my seizures my brain compensated and rewired itself and so i have all of the symptoms of Aspergers but lack any sort of understanding math which for most Aspergers people they are gifted with math abilities.
    After my father died, it seems I have had a relapse if that is possible. i still have my absence seizure but it is not enough to put me on meds . i have been getting driving lesson and have 10 -20 seizures in the drivers seat. i take omega 3 cod liver oil liquid form as i can not swallow pills this helps decrease the too -small -to -medicate -seizures i have very small seizures that show up on the EEG as misfired neurons and the Dr. called them "flurries" so here is what my flurries are like typical i was very spacey i could interact with my surroundings i also felt locked in to place. but felt out of it you know the feeling that you get when fighting off sleep that was the feeling after wards.

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