The Cannabis Chemical Rivalry // THC vs. CBD

Hear about my experience with CBD in an extended ad-free version of this video here: …


  1. I make my own cbd and it is a full spectrum strength, It would cost me $100 a month to by the store bought stuff that only has pure cbd only. Mine is the best pain relief for most pains in this old body.

  2. @6:43 “Cannabis is a whole plant that’s been used for medicinal purposes for centuries.” You hit the nail on the head but you buried the lead! THC and CBD are just two chemicals out of hundreds. People who think that removing THC from medicine – because OMG what about the children!!! – are complete morons who’s phobia prevents them from thinking rationally.

  3. I found gummies that have 3mg of THC, 8mg of CBN and 25 mg of CBD. These gummies REALLY help with sleep. Won’t get you “high” (unless you take more) but literally the best sleep I’ve ever had. Seems like THC has a J-curve. Once you take too much the medicinal effects wear down while the recreational effects take over. A small amount of THC is great for sleep. But don’t discount the “minor cannabinoids” it’s the CBN in there that really helps with sleep. I’ve tried full spectrum gummies as well that has all the minor cannabinoids and a small bit of THC (2mg) which may sound weak, but you can really feel the entourage effect when you take it with all the compounds as nature intended! Take 1 for anxiety, 2 for sleep, or more for a harmless clean feeling high ❤

  4. In the US, natural products fall into a weird regulatory niche. Everything you can consume is a "food" but If it has medical affects then it is considered a drug and thus regulated by the FDA and/or DEA. There are two exception to this – Alcohol and Tobacco and those are managed by a separate regulatory group – the ATF – which weirdly also regulates firearms. As you alluded to, natural substances that have medical effects are not something the FDA was not structure to regulate. The FDA regulates drug manufacturers, their products, and their processes. Natural reproduction is a highly complex process. They could approve drugs produced from Marijuana, but not the natural process itself. Also, from a regulatory process, since everyone acknowledges that Marijuana is a drug (has medical effects) and since a Schedule 1 drugs is defined as "drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse" and since the FDA hasn't/can't approved it for medical use, then it is kind of stuck there. I find it really interesting that Tobacco and Alcohol clearly meet the definition for a Schedule 1 drug but they are under the ATF instead. At some point this issue needs to be fixed but but neither the ATF, the FDA, the DEA, nor the DOA has any interest in changing things.

  5. This was a great video and very informative!

    I remember hearing about a recent (3 months ago) triple blind study for pain where the cannabis group reported the same relief as the placebo group. From what I've read, cannabis doesn't have any pain relieving properties on its own, but people experience relief because they simply quit paying attention to the pain they're experiencing much like the "high" you get from oxycodone will essentially make you feel good and not focus on your pain quite as much (though oxycodone actually does work on the CNS to reduce pain while cannabis does not).

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  7. I’ve been taking CBD for sleep issues. It does have a small amount of THC and sometimes if I get too desperate for sleep and take more it can get me high. I don’t like how it sends my brain into loops or how fractures my focus and shortens my attention span to that of a fruit fly. I have bipolar disorder and wonder if that’s why it short circuits my thinking for several months. Otherwise, it seems helpful for insomnia. I’ve heard it can also increase heart palpitations if you have that problem which I do. I feel like I’m a bit psychologically dependent bc despite these drawbacks I keep buying and taking this stuff. Any guidance out there?

  8. That is a good explanation. People need to understand the difference between these two compounds if they want to use medical cannabis for their medication.

  9. I can’t be the only one that watches flashback the complete name for thc is thca hmm interesting when you see lab report hmm interesting my why does this cbd has thca amount as the same as marijuana thca added amount that has around the same amount ????‍????????‍????????‍????????????????

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