Texas A&M student's death ruled accident due to seizures after snorting Adderall

Texas A&M student’s death is ruled an accident after snorting Adderall in August. He had been participating in rush events.


  1. Having to stand next to a statue in a suit when temps were scorching? Sounds like more of a hazing related death than a drug OD. I wonder if part of him rushing was that he had to snort the adderall. Either way doesn’t sound like an OD.

  2. Listen to me say this. If you want to snort an add drug make sure you are prescribed, only crush and snort your prescribed amount, make sure the drug is as fine as possible to disable any chance of nose damage

  3. please answer save some lives, is this even anywhere NEAR safe?

    i literally used to take like 20mg foclain around 7pm, put about 2mg or so of adderall in my nose and aroundddd maybe 20mg of vyvance like 2 hours later then around 9 then around 11:3012:00 i take my normal prescribed dose of about 200mg Seroquel

    no drug interactions were really found one by one, but all of them in your system, idk.

    ik you shouldnt cause it needs to be orally filtered but it isnt gonna have me wired like a meth head and im taking uppers, i have a long history with other things, not heavy things though besides benzos. now i only take focalin and sometimes add the adderall and vyvance for a little boost since my adhd is real high meaning i could use a higher dosage

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