Switching Alcohol For Weed: Good Idea Or Bad Idea?

Switching Alcohol For Weed: Good Idea Or Bad Idea? Ready to quit drinking? Imagine, no more hangovers! Find out how and get …


  1. Thank you for your reasoning on this subject!! And thank you to all the people that commented aswell!!! God I feel so grateful today for coming across your book and now you on YouTube!!! Sober from weed and al for 2 weeks!!! I feel so good. For the people that keep saying they have anxiety when they don't drink what can they do. First thing that comes to mind is meditation! We have so much power in our minds we don't relize! Second exercise! Find a hobby and keep yourself busy! The anxiety will pass. Plus I stopped drinking coffee late

  2. I only smoke when anxiety is at a maximum twice a month. Weed is one of only drugs not physical addictive. Is only mental. But yes quitting drinking and smoking weed to replace it is horrible idea

  3. I have to disagree I am afraid. I've been drinking rather heavily for a decade, "stopped drinking" COUNTLESS times most of these attempts never lasted for more than a week. Tried weed one night and never went back to alcohol. No craving whatsoever, the half bottle of scotch I had left stayed within hand reach for months until a friend drank it, no temptation, not even once I considered pouring myself one.
    Turn out it wasnt the alcohol making me an addict but the craving to be high on something. While I fully agree it is not a long term solutions it definitely can give your body and liver a breather to recover from the alcohol abuse until you find your path to proper sobriety.
    So my take is that if you are stuck in a catch 22 situation where your NEED to stop drinking cause you feel your health going downward but also equally NEED an escape pod for a few hours then by all mean smoke weed instead of relapsing on booze. At least it wont kill you. Weed is not a magic bullet but definitely a good damage control alternative.

  4. That's just my perspective. Weed helps me when I have a strong urge to drink alcohol. Three puffs on a joint is enough and I don't go to the supermarket and buy a bottle. The weed also doesn't stop me from getting my life in order like paying bills, doing sports, going to work, keeping important appointments,… . I also know two people who smoked weed in the evenings in the first three months to get away from alcohol and when they have a strong urge to drink again weed is the lesser evil. On Weed you can in principle still do everything like have a good conversation, watch a movie, even ride a bike,… and you are fine the next day and you can do your competitive sports for example. Just my perspective.

  5. Hi all, just a massive thanks to Craig 10 months sober, the course is amazing for me a real game changer, the clown appears everyone and again but I need this poison out of my life so I push on, using another substance for me would only revolve me in another circle, if you can just make it through the initial hurdles using all the tools provided, your life will be 50 fold better, fall in love with sobriety make it your passion

  6. My friend drank heavily in his 20 and 30ties. He stopped and used cannibas. He used it daily until his 40ties. He lost the plot, and went to the doctors and went on anti anxiety medication. When I saw him eventually he was stubbling over his own feet and driving erratically. He looked very anxious. Alcohol free! Weed free!
    So he just replaced the one mind altering drug to the next one. Didn't work. Graig you talk about making the choice internally. That's very important! He never made that choice. Just replaced it with another.

  7. Thanks to this channel, I've quit drinking 2 years now. After a year of complete sobriety, I started smoking weed again daily. I can say for me, I have absolutely switched out one addiction for another.

  8. Alcohol was the gateway drug which lead me to using other drugs. I’ve substituted for weed ever since because it keeps me clear of alcohol. I know weed isn’t perfect but it’s easily the lesser of two evils if comparing to alcohol

  9. I used to smoke a lot of weed. It was fun for years, until it wasn't anymore. Sound familiar? I was a "casual user" for a long time, and felt it helped me be more spiritual, more connected, more aware, more philosophical, and more in touch with my music…Which is nonsense really (all that crap is just cultural conditioning – a hangover from the hippie days of the 60's and 70's). Just like all the myths and lies we were fooled – and fooled ourselves – into believing about alcohol were nonsense.

    I eventually got to the point where I was smoking it everyday. Which, like any other mind-altering substance, inevitably causes problems. So I decided to take a break from it. But then I started to feel much better on every level, so that break turned into a longer break, which gradually evolved into quitting for good. I found it surprisingly easy to quit (although I have a friend who had to go to rehab to quit; interestingly she found alcohol very easy to quit). However, I started to miss getting high. So I gradually started drinking more alcohol as a replacement. Which was fun for years, until it wasn't anymore..

    I used to share your views on using Cannabis for health reasons. However, I now understand that saying "Cannabis has therapeutic benefits" is actually very similar to saying "red wine is good for your heart". Yes, there are natural properties found in cannabis that can help to ease various health problems. But it's not the drug Cannabis itself, or to be more specific it's not the THC in the cannabis (the active ingredient that gets people high an can cause numerous health problems). Much like it's not the ethanol/alcohol in red wine that helps the heart. CBD oil and Hemp on the other hand can be helpful for some people. Neither of which are Cannabis.

    So I can't agree with promoting Cannabis for pain relief (much like you wouldn't advise me to go back to using Whisky for my chronic head pain). Especially given that healthier and safer options are now more readily available. There are simply too many downsides to using Cannabis. It can cause or trigger anxiety, stress, depression, numerous other mental health illnesses, and possible brain damage. It can also have numerous negative psychical effects. And many people do get addicted to it. Thus, it would be unwise to promote, enable or pander to the Cannabis Clown.

    I don't think Cannabis is demonized much anymore. Quite the contrary really, it's now being pushed and promoted more and more by numerous authorities around the world. For the same reason alcohol is: Money. And it's gradually becoming more socially acceptable, to the point where anyone who speaks out against it is now more likely to be demonized, just like people who speak out against alcohol. You may even get attacked by people who are under the misguided influence of the Cannabis Clown for quite rightly pointing out that cannabis can be addictive.

  10. the buzz from weed is too different, and still causes bad sleep patterns, bad for testosterone and your lungs, still gets your brain waiting for your hormone adjustments from the weed vs waiting till your brain resets itself.

    i'm not against weed, but just being realistic.

    If your trying to quit booze, it's a must you go 1-2 months without alcohol befor you judge yourself.

    It takes awhile to get back.

    Save your weed for the concerts and such. Then drink lots of mineral waters, you'll get hooked on those instead.

    Also, I went 40 days no booze, decided to have a few vodka tonics the other night, it didn't feel as good as I thought it would, felt like a waste.

    If you totaly feel to drink one night, drink something you don't really like, it will make you think twice, it's a head game.

  11. Bill wilson founder of AA with Bill Smith he smoked marjuana he died of chronic copd he was sober for I think 34 35 yrs from age 39 rumour as it he begged for a bottle of whisky on his death bed but his drink was gin anyway I watched Lois Wilson film "whan love is not Enough" but I'm no bill wilson I can't be around alcoholics and AA today is not what he founded they went to each others houses I got my wine prob in my mid 40s 13 Yr ago its to long to tell my story alls I can say I was sober yesterday sober today who wnows what tomorrow brings 1 day at a time oh last 5 yrs iv been doing well on my sobriety journey but I have had the odd relapses along the way like you said Craig in one of your lectures I can walk in a crack den and it won't bother me but I can't walk in a wine bar and drink orange juice

  12. I'm 60+. Grew up in Sydney in thr 60's & 70's. Everyone smoked weed. Most of us gave it away when we grew up. Those who didn't ended up schizophrenic, bonkers or dead from really stupid needless accidents. Including my entire class and my brother.
    It's amazing the justifications people come up with to use that crap. "Medicinal".

  13. You should check out Dr Berry regarding Carnivore Diet ! Cures arthritis diabetes 2 and stops body from developing cancer Alzheimer’s Parkinson MS ALS and much more! Even Ketovore works! A few Bob Marleys won’t kill you ????????????????

  14. I'm also 48 with the same problem in my fingers – from too much typing! Regarding weed, it won't help ultimately because its just another anaesthetic. Part of the key to sustaining booze free life is to face the subsequent discomfort and accept it. Not try to dodge it with other distractions, weed, excessive exercise, etc. Do meditation instead (or fishing on your own, which is a form of meditation). Sorry, i started to type this before i heard the entire video – you just said the same thing.

  15. I have done both weed and alcohol in heavy doses through my life. I loved weed because it made me feel spiritual and blissful, especially with music. It made me feel like I knew a secret about truth and God , which is probably correct. Saying that , if it's truly a spiritual (that feeling) you don`t need drugs or alcohol.

  16. marijuana addiction is such a problem in todays age. The biggest issue being denial. I mean there are people commenting saying its just a plant. So's opium, alcohol is made from fruit ect. A family member of mine has just quit using marijuana after 25 years and he's so much better in EVERY way. I saw first hand the negative effects marijuana has after years.

  17. if a person need a substance to make life bearable, or making the day better . then there is a bigger problem that need fixing . misuse of drugs or food or games or porn or any other life distractions . is a symptom of a problem .. if you love your self and your life you don't need distractions .. .. then the work is set to start loving yourself and your life .. its never to late . its absolutely worth the effort. ! start now ❤

  18. Hi Craig, great video and topic. I am a user of cannabis, just a few hits after work and I’m done. Very different than my old habit with alcohol which was get home from work and continue drinking until I passed out. It’s not optimal but it works for me.
    Concerning arthritis have you looked into Boron supplementation? Apparently communities with higher levels of boron in their drinking water are almost completely free of arthritis. Low carb diet seems to help me with joint pain and inflammation.
    14 plus months with no booze and feeling fantastic!! Also happy that my best friend has jumped on the wagon with me and a few other friends have really cut down on their consumption. Who knew it was contagious. Thank you much, your videos really helped me out in the beginning.

  19. THC increases dopamine levels like any other drug of addiction. And not everyone will become addicted to THC just as with alcohol. If someone is just replacing their high by switching to THC, it’s also true that it’s not as directly dangerous to the body that alcohol is, but I guess it boils down to what is the goal. Is the goal just to switch to a more benign drug or is the goal to uncover your true reasons for escaping reality and face who you really are, learn to deal with your emotions head on, be available for others in your life, and live a more authentic life?

  20. A Good summing up Craig , I've done both in my past , Weed does become an addictive crutch! over time , that said the World would be a better nicer place if Alcohol was eradicated completely ! , and People could only smoke weed , but there wouldn't be much work done…lol…

  21. When I started to taper off the alcohol and quitting it for good in 2021, I didn't use any substance to kick alcohol such as marijuana. Not gonna knock anyone using pot to switch from alcohol, but here are my thoughts. In my honest opinion, switching from alcohol to pot will never work for me in the long run. To kick the habit, I've switched to healthy activities such as music and yoga because I worry about my health. The reason why I refuse to use pot to replace alcohol is because both are mind altering substances. I prefer exercising and music without any drug use.

  22. R DG
    1 second ago
    I think as long as it doesn’t become an addiction then I don’t see it as an issue. Luckily I’ve been able to remain fully sober. 3 days until the big 500!

  23. When im sober i have to sit with the dark truth of how messed up society is and I feel hopeless. I think you can switch up the coping mechanism but its still just a coping mechanism

  24. I tried to replace alcohol with weed and told myself "That's the ticket!" Guess what happened? Nothing. There was no change inside of me. The buzz was clearly different but at some point I still felt this stupid urge to purchase a f*cking substance, stuff it into my body and change my feelings for the better. The vicious cycle went on.

    Now I know that there is no external solution for me.

  25. Yes, I have successfully used it to assist with my AUD. It is also effective enough treating my PTSD that i live without Benzos and/or anti-psychotics. I am a Social Worker of 25 years and I wish more clients chose 'weed' than meth, dope and booze. Thanks, Craig, for breaching this subject.

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