Students march in Durban CBD ahead of EFF national shutdown

Preparations by members participating in the shutdown have been building up through out the week. EFF has called on all its …


  1. There is not enough jobs because there's not enough industry to create jobs. It's a losing battle. SA has a long way to go but remember it is still more fortunate than others.

  2. Decolonisation typically refers to the withdrawal of political, military and governmental rule of a colonised land by its invaders. Decolonising education, however, is often understood as the process in which we rethink, reframe and reconstruct the curricula and research that preserve the Europe-centred, colonial lens.

  3. There are not enough jobs. How can there be jobs when you shut down businesses today. Your youths and parents have lost one day. Then the electricity situation is an international problem. Dialogue is better than stopping the economy from producing. The same economy that you are demanding money from. I really don't understand EFF thinking

  4. 3:38 that is gold. The guy is wearing a catapult whilst saying they don't like violence. Where is the democratic process. If you don't like the government, then vote but you can't be making ultimatums here, talking about free education, such nonsense. Who should be paying for your free education?

  5. South Africa needs capitalists running things, and further, people who promote accountability and self control.

    EFF blame everyone else.
    They would lead South Africa to further ruin, poverty and violence above all.

    "Decolonising education"????
    Sure, decolonise everything, then there'll be no technology in South Africa: no medicine and transport, no democracy, no broadcast media nor writing to spread their communist lies, no farming to feed everyone, no guns for them to murder innocents with.

  6. Malema is complaining about SANDF deployment, calling it a declaration of war against South Africa. This clown really thinks that he represents South Africa. What a moron.

  7. The president will never change the life of anyone… We will change the president again and we will still cry about the same problems. Expecting one to eradicate the problems of one nation is like demanding one to fit the whole ocean into one cup.

    Let's just be responsible for our own lives and not rely 100% on the government which we know very well its incapable of delivering

  8. I heard the one guy say EFF must become president, they say that the EFF will give them what they are asking for, education, jobs, etc; but where is the guarantee of those promises? Hasn't every government promised those things and DID NOT DELIVER!!??! Hasn't every election been based on EMPTY promises, just to become the new "bosses" of empty promises?

  9. Not peaceful . Shallcross stoning of vehicles. 1 bakkie front windscreen damaged. EFF – lotsa noise no solutions or comprehension of integrated economies. The strategem is so blatently Cuban/ communist with a hint of Mugabe that shows how out of touch the EFF is with modern protest actions ie petitions, debate in parliament. To try to shut an already weak economy & demand a end to load shedding is just got hot air. Y not help Eskom catch all do's guilty in Eskom & outside & ensure they get max. Sentence ? Perhaps some in EFF r involved ??

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